Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 1 - Very Pleased to Meet You!

Darn it.  I should have done some blog reading before I did my blog post earlier.  Because if I had I would have discovered this really interesting blog called Ink, Paper, Pen.  Gill over there will be running Write On Wednesdays and today is the inaugural edition. See the button in the sidebar?  Go on press it and check it out.  After you have read my first Write on Wednesday Exercise – Very pleased to meet you!
I sit on the lounge, legs up, ankles crossed.  Despite wearing socks my toes are cold and I know I will need to have a bath or shower so I can sleep.  My head is pounding.  No different to every other day for the past what 13 maybe? weeks.  I wish the Panadeine Forte would kick in soon.  I can hear the sound of TV's on different channels battling for supremacy. Thankfully it’s only 2 TV’s tonight rather than the sometimes 3 that clash. I need to check that Girl Child is asleep but I am tired.  I want to eat something sweet but I can’t be bothered.
Thump, thump,thump.  How long does this bloody stuff take to work? I’m cold, I’m tired and I’m whingey, again.  I’m really starting to piss myself off.  Pull yourself together E.
In another room Mr E.’s Twitter thing is making that weird chirpy noise.  It does it all day every day until I go in and mute the volume.  I joined Twitter, you know.  I don't use it very often but sometimes I like it. I’m not going to get addicted to it.  The last thing I got addicted to was chocolate and look at me now.  Addiction broken! 
How cool is that?  Pity breaking the chocolate addiction hasn't helped me to lose weight.  I’d love to have a healthy BMI again. It’s not that over weight but losing a good 10kgs would help.  Hell less than 10 kgs would get me into a healthy weight range. 
Boy Child has dropped by to chat about what would happen if humans could regenerate limbs.  How would it work would the fingers grow at the shoulder or last?  Umm…I don’t know mate. Maybe the arm's would grow and then the stubs on the end become fingers kind of how I think babies grow in utero… okay so I don’t say In Utero.  How many people would say In Utero in conversation with a 12 year old boy? 
Mate, can you check on your sister for me?  She’s asleep, cool.  Okay, I think I’m done here.  Oh, look Alex O’Loughlin on an ad on TV. Nice.

So that’s the first Exercise done.  Thanks to Gill for this. 


Melissa said...

Oh, I'm sooo glad you're joining in. I was going to get you on FB and send you this way, but I know you've been unwell and I didn't know if it would feel like I was dumping something else on top of all you're already dealing with.

Lol @the Boy's conversation. I've had some similar ones with mine and he's 8. I am strangely looking forward to (and slightly terrified of) the conversations to come.

Feel better soon. I hope the PF has started to kick in.

Madmother said...

Exactly what it should be - felt I was in the room with you!

Only thing is, and other's may know about it, is a question mark within a sentence allowed? After the maybe.

The only thing I wondered ('cause I'd like to know the answer too, lol).

Suzi said...

Great writing E.
Lol @ Boy child! And for the record I think a question mark is ok - I question myself all the time!

InkPaperPen said...

Thanks for the thanks but also want to thank you for joining in with this. Great to see so many people chugging out the exercises. This is a real stream of consciousness, isn't it? I love how you have gone off on the distraction tangents: the conversation with your little guy is awesome. It is a good idea to jot down some real life conversation as it can be used in writing down the track to create a more natural dialogue than when we try to recreate conversation for our characters.

Interesting point from MM on the question mark. I don't worry about grammar and punctuation during stream of consciousness writing. Saying that, I think the use of a question mark in this way is okay, perhaps just needs a bracket around the question mark when it appears in the middle of a sentence?? Hmmm
not sure!
Gill xo

redfootydragon said...

Really enjoyed reading this. Your little man is so imaginative! Gotta love the ideas kids have sometimes :)
And by the way, I LOVE your blog design. The colours, the font, it's so clean! Love love love

Leanne said...

So you gave me my headache? I got it all ... the cold toes and everything ...


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