Monday, 20 June 2011

I want, I want, I want

This seems to be Girl Child’s mantra at the moment.  I want Littlest Pet Shop, I want Zhu zhu pets, I want a Barbie, I want chocolate, I want chips.  Me? I want a break!

I lost it with her this evening after about 20 I want’s.  I went all Bad Mummy on her and said if you stop saying I want I’ll give you McDonalds for dinner.  Doh! Bribery and corruption. Bad parenting moment there.

Well, it worked.  I got peace and quiet for about 20 minutes. We got McDonalds for dinner and I ran away and hid in the bathroom having ‘Mummy Time’ aka don’t come near me or I will lose the plot.

Win all round really.

Bath photo for header

I just thought I’d revisit an old blog header.  That is so not me but I wish it was!

You really would think that as the grown up in this situation I would have a better way of dealing with it. As it was basically: shut up and I’ll give you something you are not asking for; but you will ask for more in future because you know what to do to drive me to the edge!

When it was bed time i asked her to come for a chat.  We discussed that constantly asking for stuff makes me sad. That she has lot's of stuff and she really doesn't need anymore.  But the thing I tried to get her to understand is just because we go somewhere like dance (we are there weekly, sometimes twice a week)where there is fundraising chocolate she doesn't need to have one just because she can see them.  Especially when I have brought food with us.

I know I’m a big part of the problem.  I will often buy her a cupcake or a muffin when we are out.  Now it seems she just expects it. I’m more than happy to buy something occasionally but not if I’m getting nagged for it. So help me, help myself.

What can I do now? Our chat included not asking for things at certain places – like dance and swimming.  But how can I break the I want habit – without losing my mind? If you have managed to get over this phase (I hope it’s just a phase) with your  sanity and a good relationship with your child intact how did you manage it?

Note: she does not get everything or even most things she asks for.  Sometimes if she really wants something I will put it away until she has saved up enough pocket money for it. Or a bigger ticket item occasionally gets bought and put away for whatever special occasion is coming up. But most of the time my answer is no.  Have I created this ‘I want’ monster? I don't remember Boy Child doing this at all.

Head over to Maxabella Loves where she is discussing this topic on a much broader scale and far more eloquently than I!


Leanne said...

My girl child has never "wanted" for anything (she never asks) but my boy child does it all the time! He drives me mad. And then my mummy bomb goes off and I too end up in the loo for some time out. LOL. We're getting through it by giving them jobs, they get pocket money and any "I wants" are replied with "sure, you've got money". Boy child is now starting to be more selective about his "wants" coz he kinda likes saving money. Not an exact science though. We still have the battles ... just fewer ...

Suzi said...

My kids want all the time too even though they rarely get what is requested. I want alot too for that matter, I have magazines full of furniture, gardens and hairstyles to die for. - Perhaps as we grow up we have as many desires about things relevant in our worlds, we just don't mention them as often as we are the ones who have to make them happen.
So I guess what I'm saying is it's healthy to want stuff and our job as parents is to teach them what's appropriate and what's not and what must be worked for. Doesn't make it any less annoying though!


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