Thursday, 23 June 2011

I remember#2: W.O.W. Exercise 3

Okay I have tired this exercise again.  I did it twice this afternoon.  This first one was a blow out but thought it was interesting to see where my brain actually wandered off to.

I remember nothing….absolutely bloody nothing.  Scary really.  Another day another empty head. Nothing to see here move along.  Nothing to see anywhere really.  Not sure why i
’m bothering to even try this one.  It’s obvious that I have no brain for this right now. Omm, omm, omm.  Nope no relaxing, not powering my brain at all. no ideas. dammit. dammit, dammit, dammit, how bloody long can 5 minutes go for ? 5 minutes 3000 seconds… is that right?  can i actually add up. nope still nothing………

It’s amazing how long 5 minutes can be when you have nothing.  Of course the next time I did the exercise I had stuff and the 5 minutes seemed to short.

I remember being little holding hands. Having my feet in an adults shoes.  I remember a kind, caring face looking down at me, I wonder if I remember or whether I only remember because I’m seen photos? 

I remember what the cupboard in that house look like.  And that wasn't something that is in any photos.  I’ve described them to people I knew from that time and yes I can remember cupboards from a house I lived in when I was about two maybe younger.  I can remember the bedspreads being that chenille fabric and I remember there was a garden with a tree.  The tree had an old tyre swing on it.  But then I wonder if I’m remembering something that someone has old me.  Aren’t memories weird.  Some aren’t really mine they are from things I have heard spoken about but others might be because I have seen photos.

So this is it.  The previous one is here.

I wonder what Gill has got cooked up for us next week?


Sarah Mac said...

I think a lot of our memories are probably a mixture of truth, suggestion and our own interpretation of events.

It's strange the things that stick in our minds like little snapshots of time. The cupboards and the bedcover, just the image with no link as to why you would remember them. Memories are strange like that.

Kim h said...

Yes! I feel exactly the same way. It's hard to tell if memories are from something someone's told me or photos or both. I know somethings for sure but others are hazy. Loved how you showed us that first time you did the 5 mins. Hilarious! I did mine in my head, in the shower first, then I got the timer and typed it. It was way better in the shower;)

Suzi said...

Yeah it is funny how patchy memories can be, like trying to recall a dream. I could swear I remember watching a large man made lake being built, i can picture the diggers down in the massive expanse of dirt, but it turns out it happened just before I was born so I must have seen photos or been told. Odd.

InkPaperPen said...

WoW (excuse the pun!). It is so interesting how many different things can come from this exercise. LOVE that you tried again and again. I have my own exercise from yesterday that is very similar to your first one today. Waiting for those 5 minutes to be up is torture! In your second piece I especially like the bit about the feet in the adult's shoe - kids just love this don't they? Looking forward to next week! Gill xo

Janelle said...

I loved reading the first one, so funny. Ah, the inner workings of the mind. So good that you shared it

Silver Threads of Happiness said...

This sounds like fun, I might have to pop over and join in next week!

I often feel the same way about memories, how much is actually remembered and how much is from photos or a parent telling me about it? And how much of those memories really did happen the way you remember?


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