Thursday, 2 June 2011

So I’ve had a really sucky week

But the thing is, in the grand scheme of life nothing has really happened.  No one has been seriously injured, I haven’t had to turn anyone’s life support off (like the family of Senior Constable Damian Leeding yesterday) or attend a funeral.

All the angst has been due to crud in my own head.  Fancy that!  I think I need to take a leaf out of DFF’s book (check out Tuesday’s post) and change my attitude.  After all the little things that have driven me crazy are just that… little things.

So I think I will be going to bed early.  Because despite laughing myself silly at Damn You Autocorrect last night I still woke up in a funk. 

Note: to self bed early means that you are less tired and therefore your eyes leak less.  And it seems and though they have been doing that a lot (people don’t take you seriously when it happens almost every time you talk to them!). And seriously you have nothing important going on.

Okay, I’m (hopefully…LOL) done with the whinging for now. I’m sure I can hear the sighs of relief from all over the interwebs.



Anna said...

I am sorry you have had a sucky week. I have too. Really hope you can get come rest and have a better day tomorrow and an awesome week next week.

Sam-O said...

Same here! Totally hoping we both wake up issues resolved and on a happy curve.

I crack up everytime I check Damn you auto correct. It's good medicine!!

Leanne said...

Hey E - I've had a sucky week too. I have had to pull every trick out of my bag of tricks to try and keep my head above water. It's seriously dreadful. I really do think it is Canberra Soup (my Thursday post). We're all bouncing off each other. Headaches definitely don't help. So anyway, I can hear you ... and sympathise ... and I am here if you need a phone call. Hope your week is getting better.

E. said...

Thank you for droppign by.

I hope your week imporved and your weekend was brillant!


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