Friday, 17 June 2011

Introducing the newest member of the household:



Our new fridge arrived today.  After we moved the contents of our old fridge in, it seems to be a little bare.  I guess that happens when you go up a size.   As Boy Child said “We don’t have much food, do we?” Yes, that is one empty looking fridge.

For some reason Mr E decided to put beer or cider or something in one of the Deli drawers and one of the vegetable crispers has tubs of fundraising cookie dough and muffin mix in it.  The whole middle shelf is empty apart from the water bottle.

The children are both having issues because the new Fridge is really big (we have gone from a 400 or so litre combo to a 510 litre combo) and it smells weird.  Plus it sticks out of the space a lot more than the previous one.  Hopefully they will get used to it quickly.  I knew Boy was going to have an issue with it but I didn't expect she would.  Today, someone with a child on the spectrum asked me if I thought Girl child was too.  She certainly has traits but I don’t think there is enough to get her over the line.  I’ve been told a few times that she isn’t but when both children have the same issues with the new fridge you start to wonder.  I think it’s just the fact that most people don’t like change showing itself.

I hope that the newest member of the household enjoys their time with us.  I hope it is a very long and useful time.  The other fridge is now in the garage and still okay after 17.5 years of being with us.  It’s so far outlasted our marriage!

I think I should go and buy some food tomorrow.  We can even fit 3 litre bottles in the door and the door will still close now!  So what should i buy?

What would you buy to  fill your new, much larger fridge?


David Mackie said...

Deli Drawer / Cider Drawer
Potato / Potatoe

Yep pretty Empty

Lene said...

I would love a new fridge! Ours is prehistoric and dates back to BC (before children) although not 17 years as yours is! If I could fill a fridge with anything I wanted I would have...chocolate and a whole lot of it, fancy cheese of every description, strawberries, deli meats, avacado dip, a tonne of tamar valley yoghurt...I could go on & on!
Thanks for stopping by to visit me. xx

Suzi said...

Chocolate. I would fill it with chocolate.


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