Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fat Mum Slim’s Cookies

During the week Chantal (aka Fat Mum Slim) posted her recipe for 80 cookies under $7.  So having discovered a can of Sweeten condensed milk in the cupboard I thought that Girl Child and I would embark on the adventure of making 80 cookies.  In different flavours of course.

So yesterday we bought a snickers and a Caramello koala for the top of some.  I wanted to make some jam drops but Mr E wanted mostly chocolate.  I was not impressed as I have now been off chocolate for almost 13 weeks.  Anyway he was too busy doing other stuff so this morning Girl Child and I got into it.

We made:

Strawberry Jam Drops;

Some with Caramello Koala on the top;

Some with with a Snickers on the top;

Plain ones;

Cornflake and sultana ones (Girl Child liked the sound of these) and

Some with Cocoa for the Chocolate ones Mr E. wanted.

Those of you who have been around here for know that I am NO culinary or domestic goddess however, these cookies turned out pretty well.  Here are some photos to prove it!

Snickers and Caramello CookiesMost of the cookiesCocoa Cookies

The yellow container has the Caramello and snickers ones, the bottom clear container Jam Drops (please ignore the very brown one in the front there), the middle  has the plain and cornflake and sultana cookies.  The tray is the Cocoa cookies just out of the oven.

The verdict? Girl Child gave us an A for the Jam Drops and a D for the Caramello ones.  She also thinks the cornflake and sultana ones are DISGUSTING. I’m blaming that on the cold she has.

Boy Child liked the snickers ones and the cocoa ones.  Mr E. likes the the cocoa and snickers ones as well but neither of them have tried the Jam Drops, Cornflake and Sultana or plain ones as yet.

If you are into cooking or baking or want to see want kinds of cookies you can make try out Fat Mum Slim’s 8 cookies for under $7.  Just make sure you have more baking trays when we do!


Leanne said...

Wow!!! That's impressive. I'm hungry ...

Suzi said...

That's a whole lot of cookies!

Ratz said...

They look yum to me from here. And, what a time you gals had!

Kakka said...

Looking good to me, that is a whole lot of cookies. Great that you and Girl Child got to do some fun stuff in the kitchen. I'm like you, not much of a domestic goddess at all, but I can live with that. xxx

E. said...

To everyone I was going to send cookies to - Girl Child has decided that she likes them so we are keeping them all!

They are quite nice if I say so myself.


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