Friday, 24 June 2011

My week in Blunt cards

I have recently discovered Blunt cards. Obviously this site has been around for a while but it was only recently I found out there was a whole website with these things. Yes, I am often slow on the uptake.

So Instead of a proper post today I thought I would show you all how my week was in cards.  If you haven’t discovered these yet go over and check them out.  These are just the cards that I feel represented parts of this week for me there are lots more and funnier ones to check out.  If I drank,  I would have had many more options to present to you.

Enjoy my week in Bluntcards!

Most of the week:


A few times:




Thankfully not too often:


Right now:


But this one is just NOT true:


All cards courtesy of


Leanne said...

LOL! I like that last one ...

Ratz said...

Haha, This is indeed the apt representation of everyday life. Nice work.

Anna said...

I only discovered bluntcard yesterday too (maybe through the same person??!). I then proceeded to show every one at work and we spent a good 1/2 hour all gathered round a computer laughing our heads off.
Love it!

Sarah Mac said...

Oh, I LIKE - need to get drunk asap so I can send the ones I wouldnt send sober :)

Jen said...

lol. I hadn't seen these blunt cards before :) . Love them.

E. said...

@Leanne - I needed to put the last one in there, it was too perfect to leave out.

@Ratz - Thanks! It's cool isn't it.

@Anna - Yep I's say therought he same person. Good way to waste time I think.

@SarahMac - Go on, do it. But send me proof. Pretty, please?

@Jen - Glad you like them.


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