Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I’m starting to be adventurous in

The kitchen!

What were you guys thinking?

On the weekend Girl Child and I made Chantal’s 80 cookies for under $7.00.  You may know as I posted about it earlier.  Later that day I also made Glowless’ Very Vegetable slice.  This we ate with Beef Stroganoff for dinner . 

Now for all you foodies out there (what are you doing reading my blog?) this may seem slightly odd.  But I have made no secret of my culinary inadequacy.  Those who have been around a while may remember the Lamington post?  They were yummy but the conversation I had in order to get the things I needed was very …. interesting.  After that there was the blueberry muffin epic fail.  There was also the Pizza post but I think I have already made my point.

So I’m not sure what is going on with me however, with the cookies and vegetable slice being accepted and eaten (okay, no vegetable slice for Boy) this evening I made pork schnitzel.  It was yummy.  I have been making decent Gluten Free chicken schnitzel for quite a while but moving into pork was adventurous and went down really well.  Yay for me!

I was quite impressed with it and we had jacket potatoes with sour cream with carrots and zucchini.  Quite different to what seems to be the house favourite here – Sausages.

Maybe our tastes are maturing!  Or maybe if you don’t feed people enough they will eat anything! LOL.  I’m not even watching Masterchef much this year at all so I can’t be under the influence of that.  Maybe it’s because PPMJ (have you ever read her menu plans?) won’t adopt me, so I’ve had to start branching out on my own.  Whatever it is, as long as there are more successes than failures I’ll be happy.

But if this goes on too long my family may just start to think I’ve been abducted by aliens.

I think it’s cookie time now. Good night.

ETA: Gnomeangel and Suger’s Food Revolution (Melissa from Suger Coat It has a another blog) also do tempting recipes.  I have made a Gnomeangel Curry but the 2 people playing at home (Mr E. and Girl Child) said it was too spicy.  They are wusses!


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh E - you make me giggle! And now you've made me want to try pork schnitzel - yummo!

Suzi said...

Woot! Well done :)
I just made some bread rolls that didn't burn - perhaps the world has shifted on it's axis...

E. said...

PPMJ - you have never made Pork schnitzel, ever? Is that because you do pork belly instead?

Suzi - Wow. Maybe there is soemthign weird goign on with the world! LOL.


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