Thursday, 30 June 2011

30 June 2011

It’s the end of another Financial year here in Australia which means I have much busier doing work stuff than normal.  I think I worked about 12 hours on the weekend.  Luckily only one job has June 30 as the end of the financial year.  The other one uses a calendar year.  Which is much better for me.  Of course despite 30 June being the end of the financial year you don’t actually finish the financial year off on 30 June.  You have to get the staff their Payment Summaries out by 14 July and then a file to the Australian Taxation Office in August.

A long time ago the best thing about End of Financial Year was working in a finance area which had End of Financial Year drinks.  Our office would close up for the afternoon, go out to lunch and then party on.  Okay, seriously the partying wasn’t very long.  Generally by  6 I‘d be on my way home.  But it was the whole once a year let your hair down thing that I enjoyed. 

I think people who knew me actually found it odd that I really did  let my hair down then.  I didn't actually dance on the tables but I do know that as non smoker, discovering me smoking cigars was quite disconcerting to my colleagues. 

So it everyone who has been working hard doing end of financial year stuff, I know you aren't actually finished today, but enjoy whatever celebration you have.

Also I’ve finished another NaBloPoMo.

We can now:

dreamstimefree_3341882 -party word

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Anna said...

I can't believe it is the end of June already. Well done to you getting through NaBloPoMo! I have enjoyed reading your posts. Now go let you hair down!!


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