Saturday, 14 May 2011

So …I’ve started seeing this new guy

It seems to be going swimmingly so far.  He is friendly, articulate and has made Girl Child laugh.  At this point Boy Child hasn’t met him. But that’s okay.  I don’t really even want Boy Child to have fledgling relationship with this guy until I think it’s going to work out.

But do you know what I like about him best of all?  He does what he says he will.  So I guess the question is why did I stay in a bloody dysfunctional relationship for so long?  Was it the comfort factor? Sort of staying with the devil you know. Was it the expectation that the relationship would change and I would start to get something out of it?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter now.  I’ve traded up.  To a younger, better looking model.  One who actually calls when he is supposed to.  Umm…. Well actually his people called my people me but still I haven’t had to spend time chasing him up. 

Would you like to see him?  Well as I generally don’t publish photo’s here, I think I should just post a general representation.

Yep..  That works for me.  Note: Jesse Spencer as Dr Robert Chase does not actually resemble my new bloke too closely but I can dream, right? 

But I’m wondering why it took me so long to dump the previous bloke?  After all, I’d felt uncomfortable with him for quite a while.  It’s been almost 6 months since I’d discovered that he was full of it and probably more than a year before that I knew I was uncomfortable.  So why did I let it go on so long? Now I could understand if I had am emotional attachment but I didn’t, I actually paid him!

Mr E. is happy with my decision. I am 99% sure that I’m staying with the new bloke and dumping our old GP.  I don’t want to burn any bridges just yet but think we are done with the old bloke.

Have you ever stayed with a ‘professional’ despite your intuition, better judgement or whatever - just because? Did you actually made the break from them? How did you do it? Was there a final straw or did you just make a clean break? How do you feel about it after the event?


Kakka said...

I want your doctor (well if he looked like Jesse), but great decision to change. I think sometimes it is our routine, we find a doctor and we stay there. Been with mine for around 15 years, but she is good which is why I stay. I sort of dread that one day she will retire and then who will I find.

I hope this new one really looks after you, you deserve it.

Sam-O said...

When I first got refered to an OB/Gyn for my infertility issues, it was to a Doctor who my GP had on her list for my particular issue. I didn't like him or his overbooked waiting room, but he was supposedly right for me so I stuck with it. He embarrassed my husband in front of his PACKED waiting room after we had waited 2 hours there ourselves, and still I stuck with him. I had 3 minute $110 appointments after he was running 2 hours late and I still kept going to him.

The final straw was when I went for my appointment after a cycle of Clomid (ovulation drug) and he said "Oh no way you ovulated, start the next dose when you get your period". End of consultation. 1 minute perhaps.

I didn't even get to say, "shouldn't you give me a pregnancy test?" and he had swept me out the door. I did do a home test (negative), and I started spotting a few days later, figured it was the beginning of my cycle and started the Clomid.

I ended up bleeding my total blood volume internally a couple of days later due to a ruptured ectopic and lost my right fallopian tube and almost my life. 3am emergency surgery on Easter Sunday saved my life.

My surgeon made me promise not to see him again and when she heard my test levels that he had dismissed as not ovulating, she was shocked. Very viable in fact.

I so should have gone with my gut! As soon as people heard who my Doctor was, the stories came out of the woodwork!! I think it's important to review Doctors like any other product or service. If I had googled him and read some of these stories I would not have gone to that first appointment.

I googled my replacement. All positives and lots of gushing. I had both my kids with him and the gut feeling at our first appointment was excellent.

Sorry for the essay, you got me going!!

Melissa said...

Swear to you, E - my heart just stopped. I tried, for the life of me (for the first half of this post) to work out HOW I had missed a divorce????????

Phew. I'm in a similar situation - just not sure what to do. I adore my GP. But I think that last week he made a pretty HUGE mistake, that in reality could actually have killed me.

heavenisabookstore said...

Doctors are so important to feel comfortable and trustworthy of otherwise I agree, get rid of him! And it doesn't hurt to have a little eye candy.

E. said...

@ Melissa - Sorry I scared you! I told Mr E. about this post while I was writing it and he shook his head. I feel bad complaing abotu my headache as it's only been 10 weeks when I know others are in much more pain than me. I hope you can sort out a way ahead.

@ Sam-O. OMG. That all sucks. Thanks godness for the surgery and decent, caring Drs. Really, really glad you are still here with us.

@ Kakka - The new bloke doesn't look that much like Jesse but I have never really watched Grays Anatomy or ER etc so my Dr's of choice come from House!

@ H - Eye candy doen;t hurt at all. And Mr E wne tot this guy first and recommeded him so he knows what I'm looking at. And the way he treated Girl Child was great. I'm hopign this bloke is a keeper!


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