Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day Zero Update

This week I did something that many of my fine readers would have already done. I learnt how to apply make-up.
Scary thought for me really as I'm lucky if I wear makeup more than once a year and the majority of my recent makeup experience has been stage makeup for Girl Child for dance concerts.  I must admit I am getting better with her makeup and now I have some actual technique.  Well, maybe not technique but more idea than I used to have anyway. 
Who knew that I was always applying makeup incorrectly?  I guess I did because otherwise why would I have put it on my Day Zero list.  I now know that apparently my lips are my best feature. I know that the green concealer stuff works at reducing redness but apparently is noticeable under UV lights in nightclubs. 
I need to practice but hopefully now I have some technique I will be able scrub up nicely next time I get dressed up to go out.  Hopefully Mr E and I will get to out go to dinner again one day soon.
While I’m updating the Day Zero list, I managed to miss the Lunar Eclipse on 15 June 2011.  It was at 4 or 5 am and I was asleep.  Oops.  I may have to find something else to add into my list.
On the upside, I have signed up for Postcrossing! I need to decide if I’m willing to put Whining on my profile and get working on getting my postcards out there.  As if there wasn't enough of my in the world as there is!


Janelle said...

That's funny you should mention makeup. I have recently realised that my skin is not what it used to be as I am no longer 20 (sadly), and I probably need to learn how to use makeup properly. I think I need to start using more of it to give my skin a bit of radiance. I've been getting some tips from some online forums, as I have no idea what half the products are for! If you have any good tips let me know! I don't like getting older :(

E. said...

Janelle - I learnt a few things. Well more than a few because I was clueless. You probably already know more than me.


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