Thursday, 25 November 2010

Fit to Fat 25 Nov 2010

Time for the Fat to Fit Blog Hop, again.


Last time my goals were:

  1. To finish tidying the family room. Partially achieved
  2. Keep the caffeinated beverages down to 3 a day. Most days
  3. Try to walk to school or use the treadmill for 20 plus minutes 4 days of the week. Well at least twice for the walking but no tread milling. The children and I are still sick that has stopped some of the exercise.
  4. Ensure I’m getting enough sleep and water. I had a nap yesterday, does that count?  Have the water thing down pat.  Mostly because mouth breathing makes me thirsty.
  5. Try to eat less processed food.  I bought tomatoes and cucumber today.  I can see that with tuna or cheese or ham and carrots as lunch a few days in the next week.  I’ll aim for 3 days and celebrate any more than that. Definitely ate less processed food for lunch.  Had salad wraps twice and to be honest I can’t think any further back.

I do seem to have lost about 300gms.  Is that worth celebrating?

My aims for this week are:

  1. To finish tidying the family room, yes again!
  2. Try to walk to school or use the treadmill for 20 plus minutes 4 days of the week, if well enough.
  3. Go to bed before 10.30 pm at least 3 nights of the week.
  4. Try to eat less processed food. Have salad stuff to eat for lunch and will aim for at least 3 days for that.
  5. If I still feel like crud, seek medical advice.  I was told by 3 different people this morning to go to the Dr as I have now been sick for about 3 weeks and apparently sound just as bad as I did last Friday

How are you planning to look after yourself this week?

Oops, I forgot the linky.


Anonymous said...

This is such a good idea, this list making. Have I said that already? Well, worth repeating.

I agree about the doc trip. Might be something they can knock on the head. Get well soon.

Lulu said...

Fit to Fat or Fat to Fit hun? lol

Get as much rest as you can xoxox

E. said...

LOL... I am sick if I'm going from Fit to Fat.

Antibiotics and sleep will help, I'm sure.

Thanks for the thoughts.


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