Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 11 of NaBloPoMo

So it’s that time again. Time for the Fat to Fit Blog Hop.
Last week my goals were:
  1. To tidy the family room It was attempted but did not get very far.
  2. Finish folding the current clean washing (it’s much smaller than it was) and put it (or have it put in the respective rooms Washing all folded.  Mine and Boy Child’s put in the respective rooms.  Mr E. and Girl Child seemed to not listen to the instructions. Can I count this as a half?
  3. Start cutting back on the caffeine (yes again!) 3 cups per day is plenty.  And probably more than enough. Only 2 today but the trip interstate meant lots of caffeine was imbibed (interesting word there..LOL).  I was doing well with this though.  another half maybe?
  4. Do some more exercise.  At least 4 days in the week walk to / from school or use the treadmill for 20 – 30 minutes. Zero treadmill time.  Did walk home from school at least once but it has been raining a lot here. And Boy Child shared a cold virus with Girl child and I.  Apparently I sound awful. 
  5. Go to bed before 10.30 on 3 nights. Oh yeah,  I did it!
Other things that happened this week:
I shipped off two shopping bags full of clothes Girl Child has outgrown to my cousin’s daughter.
I weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised.
My aims for this week are:
  1. To finish tidying the family room.
  2. Keep the caffeinated beverages down to 3 a day.
  3. Try to walk to school or use the treadmill for 20 plus minutes 4 days of the week.
  4. Ensure I’m getting enough sleep and water.
  5. Try to eat less processed food.  I bought tomatoes and cucumber today.  I can see that with tuna or cheese or ham and carrots as lunch a few days in the next week.  I’ll aim for 3 days and celebrate any more than that.
What are you doing for yourself this week?


jayayceeblog said...

Good goals, good job! I need to climb back on that stupid exercise horse. I was doing so good and then we went on vacation ... sigh. And eating healthier is such a good thing. Why do we fight it???

Hungry For Living said...

Heelo from your newest follower! Good goals, don't get off course if you cant always get to them every week! BTW I will also willingly blog for chocolate!!


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