Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 12 of Op Self Actualisation

For today’s post I have to share a photo of someone I miss.

Now this was a very easy one for me.  While I miss a fair few people, whether it’s because we live in different cities or because we have drifted apart, the person I miss is my Dad.  Now this is probably more at the front of my mind at the moment as a fellow blogger posted today that her father died recently.




So here is a photo of my Dad.  Oh, that’s Boy Child with him.  Dad died when Boy child was five and a half months old but I actually don’t remember how old he was when this photo was taken, maybe 4 months?  Boy Child was the absolute light of Dad’s life.  He loved him so very much.

I was very lucky to have my Dad and I have lots of good memories. The very few photo’s I have of Dad and Boy Child are so bittersweet. 


Ratz said...

I am sorry to hear this E. I cannot think of anything to say to you but just raw hugs to you. xoxo

jayayceeblog said...

It's wonderful that you have many good memories to hold onto along with some great photos like this!


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