Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 15 of Op Self Actualisation

Today’s task is to set my playlist on random and share the first ten that play.

First up we have Pink ‘Cuz I can from the album I’m Not Dead. I’ve actually had this as my phone ring tune for a while.

Then we have The Radiators - You. I think this song is on here from when my MP3 player belonged to Mr E.  The Radiators are an Australian Band which has been around fro 30 years.  The song they may be best known for is Gimme Head.

For number 3 we have another Mr E. band TISM. This song is X-Treme Sports Can Kiss My Arse. It’s from the album De RigeurMortis which also has other such life enhancing songs like If You're Not Famous At Fourteen, You're Finished

Aha, another one of mine.  Ben Folds Five – Missing the War from the Whatever and Ever Amen.  This is the only Ben Folds Album I have.  I think think I should remedy that.

Number 5 is Blink 182 – Aliens Exist.  It is from the album Enema of the State. Another song courtesy of Mr E. but I’m enjoy listening to Blink 182. Those of you in Australia and have watched Foxtel may have heard a remake of this song as the SciFi Channel theme for a while.

So much for random.  The next song is another Blink 182 song  - What’s My Age Again? It is also from the Enema of the state Album (that’s the only Blink 182 I have on my MP3Player).

Okay now this is interesting. Currently playing we now have Slim Forever for Women.  Which I should listen to more frequently and then maybe it would help. 

Number 8 is The Whitlam's  - You Don’t Even Know My Name.

I actually just skipped another Blink 182 song to give you at Number 9 What you Feel (reprise) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Once More with Feeling soundtrack.

The last song is PINK - Please Don’t Leave Me from Funhouse.

So what have we learnt here today?

  • Apparently the MP3 player likes Blink 182.
  • I should have deleted more of Mr E’s  music when I got the MP3 Player than I did.
  • Apart from PINK it seems like we don’t have any albums in this house that were released after 2001. This is not true, just the more recent stuff didn't show up.

What are you listening to at the moment?

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Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

OMG the blog looks spesh as! It's great. Do you love it!?


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