Monday, 8 November 2010

Another random post

Things have been going calmly, swimmingly even, and then things suddenly get complicated. Last week I had a phone call saying that a member of the extended family was ill. My grandmother was going to see this relative on Saturday but unfortunately our relative passed away on Friday afternoon. The funeral is on Wednesday morning interstate; about three and a half hours drive away (with no stops). So I will be driving down on Tuesday evening once Mr E. gets home from work. I have a busy day tomorrow with a work meeting and doing the work that I would normally do on Wednesday while I’m away.

I will stay Tuesday night at my grandmothers and take her to the funeral. Once the formalities are over I will take my Grandmother back to her place and then drive home. I won’t be s tired as I would be if I drove up and back in one day especially as I would have to leave home about 6 am so staying overnight with my grandmother is the best option for my fatigue and also to support my grandmother. I think it will be hard for her to see her baby brother’s wife laid to rest.

I know my aunt and uncle will be there but I will be the only of my grandmother’s grandchildren there. I guess that is fitting as I was the only one who lived with these people as a child. Not that I remember it at all. I was very young. Apparently there was even the possibility of my being adopted by these extended family members. Scary, really. Mr E. sometimes likes to look on the bright side so in his world if I had been adopted by them I wouldn’t have become an orphan until Friday instead of almost 4 years ago. Of course that had happened then I wouldn't have met him because I would have never been in the same place as him and I wouldn’t have fallen asleep on him in a nightclub.

Umm, I’m tired and rambling so good night, all.  Sleep well and for those of you just getting about your day, have a nice one.

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