Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dancing Mum - Fail

Tap shoes

Tomorrow is the Dance Dress Rehearsal.  I think I may have the make up okay after 3 years but tonight I was sewing on 3 big sequins. Only 3!  It took a long time.  And then they were crooked. So I moved two of the three sequins and now I need to move the only one I haven’t moved yet. Arghhh! Oh well, at least I tried. 

There are no professional photo’s this year as some people apparently complained that they were too expensive last year.  While it does make things cheaper it means it’s left to my less than adequate photography skills.  But it does mean there will be no professional evidence if I do manage to make Girl Child up to look like the Joker as I did the first year – well so Boy Child likes to tell me (and she really did, a little).

This may be the last year for dance for Girl Child as she was crying tonight that she doesn't know her dance (one of them) and the she hates it and she is going to mess up.  The most interesting comment was “I want to do dance but not the concert ever again!” Said in only the way a 7 year old girl apparently having a life crisis can.

We know it’s just nerves, she was the same last year too, but that wasn’t until concert day.  I think she is getting in early this year just because she is tired and sick.  Oh well we will see how she goes.  If she wants to give it up that’s fine by me.  No more make up, no high pony tails with curls, etc,etc.

Thanks for all comments about my comments post and for the well wishes about the illnesses and the migraine.  I will hopefully get time to reply tomorrow – after dance!

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Ratz said...

Oh sounds like a big day. I wish her all the best. You know, i was learning karate and while i enjoyed it during my classes, i never had any enthusiasm for tournaments. i guess that was not the reason why i took up karate. hopefully your daughter finds her course. have a great day tomorrow and all the best.


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