Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lessons I learned today

Some members of the extended family will always call you by the nickname that you yourself stopped using as a child (in fact when I was 11).

Apparently it’s not just my grandmother who calls me by my mother's name… it’s very disconcerting.  However, according to Girl Child I don't look how she remembers my mother.  Girl Child was only 3 when Mum died so I’m not really relying on her memory.

Those camouflage a muffin top undies really do suck your stomach in and give you a nice waist BUT are not comfortable.

Some Funeral Directors have their own branded bottled water and they give out them out at funerals.

Thankfully, I can drive further with the low fuel warning light on than I expected. I did have to put 5 litres more in the petrol tank than I thought it held so those last few kilometres may have been driven on not much more than petrol fumes.

That’s all folks!


life in a pink fibro said...

Whoa - I blinked at the funeral director branded bottles! Who knew?

Diane said...

Every time I wear those tummy flattening undies I ask myself if it's really worth it because they are so uncomfortable that they put me in a bad mood!

Jacki said...

The funeral water bothers me! And as for the big undies, I'm kind of addicted!

E. said...

I found the funeral water both amusing and a little disturbing at the some time. It was getting hot and there were a number of elderly people so it was a great idea. I didn't have any though.

jayayceeblog said...

You never really grow up in the eyes of some people. Hubby and I both get called our childhood nicknames by our family members. Camo undies = a good thing. Funeral parlor branded water = why do I find this creepy? Driving on fumes = truly scary!


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