Friday, 12 November 2010

Sickness…again and still!

It’s weird that it’s spring and many people I know are sick or getting over being sick.  Boy Child has had a virus which according to the GP was going to last 10 days.  Of course given his asthma and medical history he almost always ends up with a post viral cough.  So he has now been coughing for over 2 weeks but he managed to stay at school everyday this week.  Last week he only managed two and a half days.  Both Girl Child and I have gotten the virus and we too are coughing, having headaches etc.  Plus we have both suffering with hay fever which resulted in my having to pick her up from school about 2.15 on Tuesday afternoon as one of her eyes was all red and swollen.

Today Girl Child stayed home from school.  She was whining that she was sick and she was tried and grumpy (okay so was I!) so we kept her at home. She actually slept until 10.45  and we are hoping that having a good rest will help her recover from this illness.  I had a sleep in too and felt a bit better but still sound very croaky and am coughing but hopefully we will all be well soon. 

It seems that the cold and flu season has come late to us here let’s hope it (or whatever is causing us to be sick) goes away soon!


Melissa @Suger Coat It said...

Oh deary me. My whole office has been knocked on their backside the last fortnight. My turn was this week. Gosh. What a sucky few days.

Hoping you guys are well soon.

Diane said...

You said it was Spring and I was all..huh? But then I remembered you're in Australia! Hope everyone feels better soon.

Anna said...

Urgh. Been there done that, so I feel for you. I hope you guys are better soon. That virus seems to go forever. Stupid weather (well I blame it anyway!!)

Ratz said...

I have been there... this happened with us last month... my father had conjunctivitis... and then my mother, then sister and then finally me... it was some scene here... one helping the other and then falling ill, the next one helping the former and then falling ill... these weather changes are sometimes really harsh!

E. said...

Thanks everyone. Actaully I'm happy blaming the weather. And I'm blaming the weather for our lawn mower dying too.

It worked yestrerday but won't start today. the grass is long because it keeps raining and then being sunny but not enought to dry the grass out just enought to make it grow super fast.

Sofia said...

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