Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Post It Note Tuesday #13

Without the post its. Sorry, I’m currently using free WIFI at the golden arches half way to me destination.

Yesterday’s post was a rambling one. I was NOT posting under the influence!

Thank you McDonalds for free WIFI.  I’d not be able to post today without you.

Rain, I know we need you but can you please stay away until I get where I am going?  Thanks!

Suddenly realising that you have no GF food for breakfast tomorrow is not ideal.  I’m going to hope my grandmother has some fruit for me in the morning.

Family, I love you and I will see you sometime tomorrow evening.

I better get going before the rain starts again. Happy PINT everyone!


Kim said...

When you say GF, do you mean Gluten Free? I went Gluten Free for one month (trying to sort out tummy issues) and it was soooo hard!! I have such empathy for anyone who has to eat GF!!

E. said...

Yes, Gluten Free. I'm a coeliac so it will be a lifelong thing for me.

Being GF isn't too bad. Some people are GF and lactose free as well. That would mean no chocolate! For me that would be very bad. :)


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