Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 4 of November NaBloPoMo

So do I join Lucy’s Fat to Fit Blog Hop?


Do I do Day 8 of the Self Actualisation Project? It’s about my short term goals.

Or do I say stuff it and go to bed?  After all it is 10.30pm and I’m tired.

Actually, I think I’m going to do the first two followed very quickly by the third.

So here we go.

Remember this post about my bad habits? Where I let everyone know how much I procrastinate and explains why the house is a mess and I failed dismally at Op Anniversary…

Well, I remember.  And I’m going to make a change.  I was looking thought some old photo’s and can see how tidy the house was when Boy Child was a baby and how much better I looked too.  So I am going to focus on cleaning up.  My house, my head and my body.  I am planning on spending tomorrow making the family room a welcoming place for people (not stuff!) and I hope that that will help the get into the head space for kick starting Op Anniversary again.  At this point I am hoping to be back fitter and healthier before Christmas. 

Every week on her blog, Adalita lists the things she did in the previous week and the things she plans to do and change in the upcoming week.I think that’s a great idea and it may even help me be more accountable.  Actually,Listen to teh  even vaguely accountable would be good.

My aims for this week are:

  1. To tidy the family room
  2. Finish folding the current clean washing (it’s much smaller than it was) and put it (or have it put in the respective rooms
  3. Start cutting back on the caffeine (yes again!) 3 cups per day is plenty.  And probably more than enough.
  4. Do some more exercise.  At least 4 days in the week walk to / from school or use the treadmill for 20 – 30 minutes.
  5. Go to bed before 10.30 on 3 nights.

So what do you think about those as short term goals?


David Mackie said...


When you cut caffine I don't get coffee. Yes because I can't be Arsed making my own but still I am negatively affected.


Anna said...

Sound like good goals to me. Except for the coffee part LOL.

solnushka said...

I like the short term goals thing being on the blog. I make lists and stick them on the fridge door. The idea is to cross things off as I go and make a new one each week. This only really woks of I actually look at the list. Ah well.

E. said...

I figure if I out the goals out here I might feel accountable to you all. And it's sort of workign there was only folded up washign in my house for over 24 hours. Then I brought in some in from the line.


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