Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just some ASD stuff

Boy was home sick with asthma Monday to Wednesday.  He is still coughing and now we all have slight colds. I was glad he was able to go to school on Thursday so I could go to a Workshop on Social Thinking.

Now, I wasn't really proactive when Boy Child was diagnosed with Aspergers.  We had some speech, OT and some psych sessions over the next few years.  Boy Child did okay at school didn’t really get into trouble but was had issues making friends.  We had been told that  he was 2 or 3 years behind with emotional skills.

Then the OT at the time suggested he was depressed and we had another 8 sessions with government  psychologist number 3 which resulted in Boy simply being negative (not depressed) and that it was common with children with Aspergers especially those with . 

Given the dramatic increase in his ASD behaviours this year I’ve tried to become more proactive.  So I have been to two different workshops and have plans to go to another later this year.  the first one I went to was so not aimed at parents, just professionals and I came away feeling very flat and relieved that I hadn’t wasted money previously.  But the one I went to recently was very informative and I am so glad I went.  I had a number of aha moments.

I have bought a book that I hope Boy will read and learn from.  It’s about Social Thinking and how to relate to others.  Maybe it will answers some of his questions like Why do people have to be polite? What’s the point of saying sorry, nobody means it anyway?  He doesn’t seem to like my answers. 

He has been accepted into the High School which we wanted him accepted into but he is less than impressed.  In fact that news along with something else that disturbs him led to him rocking on the floor.  It freaked me out but things have been okay since then.

There was a private psych at this Social Thinking workshop I went to and I think I’m going to be ringing and making an appointment with him.  We are going to need strategies to transition to High School, make friends etc. 

Sometimes I think I have let him down and we are the only family dealing with ASD without a psychologist.

Okay, whining moment over.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that next week is nice and calm for you all.

If you got to the end, thanks for reading.  Have a w(h)ine on me:


And stick around because I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo for August.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

E, you know what, we all deal with parenting differently. And when you're parenting with challenges you need to do what you think is best for you. I imagine that accepting a diagnosis would take a while and I'm pleased that you're now finding your way forward and finding the help you need right now. You sound like a great mother x

E. said...

Thanks PPMJ. Right back at you. :)

Jen said...

Negative thinking is common? That explains oh so much! Good on you E for going to the workshops. I often feel like I am not being proactive enough either. Good luck with the private psych and high school transition :)

Lulu said...

Oh yeah - the perpetual aspy 'glass half empty' *rolls eyes.

I find my psych and OT really help me to understand his way of thinking, and even when I do 'get' him, I'm not always sure of the best way to handle it - they are terrific for that too.


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