Friday, 6 August 2010

Emotional Highs (and Lows)

This week I had a great meeting with Boy child’s teacher.  It’s funny after all this time to have a teacher who truly gets it.  She thought about his regression and offered ideas for what might be causing some of the behaviours. 

The bad part was that I cried.  Now I explained it away due to being tired because I am.  Girl Child isn't sleeping through the night anymore and she is 7 soon. If she had death breath and was snoring I’d think her adenoids had grown back.

Part of it is / was that I am really worried about Boy Child and most of the time I feel as though no one really gives a damn.  But his teacher does and that is great.  She is happy to share thoughts with me even though he doesn't exhibit the regressions and hardly any behaviours at school.

Most of it is because my grandmother is sick.  She was fine when we stayed with her in the school holidays and now her renal function is at 10%.  I live in a different state.  There is nothing I can do from here but at this point I’m not needed there either.  When I first wrote this post (about 8 hours ago) I hadn’t told the kids that she was ill,  since then I have been told that she is now in hospital and so I have told the kids she is sick.

I’m having some very weird thoughts.  Because Mum and Dad are already dead and my grandmothers husband in the 18 months after Mum, I kind of feel as though if my grandmother dies I will be the next person to fall off the perch so to speak.  See I told you it was weird!

Pity Party over. Can someone please pass the chocolate? And maybe slap some sense into me while you are at it?



Kakka said...

I am so sorry that your Grandmother is so ill. I think with all you have on that you are entitled to a small pity party - hell even a big one. Cyber-hugs and love coming your way. xxx

E. said...

Thanks Kakka. As always, your thoughts are very much appreciated. :)

Donna said...

Sorry about your Grandma. Know that helpless, waiting-in-limbo feeling too well so I'm passing the chocolate from WA.


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