Thursday, 19 August 2010

51 Followers! WOOT!

Thanks everyone who read and responded to my last post about followers.  I will eventually catch up on all your comments.  I’m still a little tired from the Interstate journey.   My grandmother looked much better than I thought she would, for which I am very grateful. I left home at 6.30 am and arrived home at 11pm. And survived on caffeine and junk food (as I expected).  My family gave me dinner before I left to drive home so that was nice.

Today I couldn't even face caffeine.  The thought of coffee or cola based drinks made me feel ill until about 8pm.  Note to self: Caffeine overload is bad!

Anyway as I now have 51 followers (thanks to new followers!) let us celebrate.


dreamstimefree_3341882 -party word


dreamstimefree_203265 fireworks


dreamstimefree_7013735 Cupcakes 



All Images from Dreamstime.

I hope you enjoyed my little celebration!   I know I did.


Ratz said...

Congrats :-D

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Hurrah! Of course I enjoyed the celebration - you're always fabulous to celebrate with x

E. said...

Thanks, Ratz.

PPMJ - glad you liked the party. It's good taht we can still have fun without chocolate and alcohol.


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