Saturday, 14 August 2010

Social Saturday update

Today all I had planned was attending tonight’s Chocoholics Anomymous party. It was to be a Pyjama Party.  Not a problem, I have some cute PJs.  Girl Child Wanted me to wear my Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) ones but they weren’t quite dry.  Instead I went with Snoopy, with a longer sleeved T-shirt underneath in case I got cold.Layering is still in isn't it?

Here I am in all my pyjama-ed glory.  A sight many people have never seen and some may never want to see again. Enjoy!

Choc Party

Unfortunately for us all, I didn't post the pic where I’m sucking my tummy in as I wanted to show you the snoopy on the side.  Because he is cute.  And the other photo I took cut him out.

But let’s rewind shall we?

Today, we had nothing planned until I received a test from the owner / manager of our favourite restaurant. Seriously, if we are eating out we are there.  Or maybe at McDonalds. But we aren't talking about that now.

Why would I get a text you may ask? Well as both she and I have Coeliac Disease so they often make some yummy gluten free thing (generally dessert) when that happens I want to know about  it.  As well we have had our work Christmas party there for 3 of the last 4 years (last year we didn't have one).  Mr E and I  have also been eating there since at least 1995.  15 years at the some place.

So when I get a text with “what are you guys up to today” I reply with “What are you offering?”  There was pavlova available so off we went to eat a late lunch. 

It turns out that our restaurant soon, won’t be there anymore.  It’s being taken over by other people and turned into something so not our style.  So tonight I bid adieu to the end of an era (in no particular order):

  • the beautiful  chicken Caesar salad,
  • the gluten free double chocolate mud cake,
  • the super rich but super yummy chocolate mouse,
  • the yummy risotto,
  • the great omelettes,
  • the place we went with my extended family after my mother’s funeral,
  • the place we have celebrated many birthdays and wedding anniversaries over the last 15 years,
  • the place where Boy Child worked out the chicken schnitzel was just a big nugget and he liked it, and
  • the place where if you ordered something Boy Friendly it meant  just exactly what was ordered and nothing else, no salad, no decoration, nothing.

So much of our family's history is wrapped up in that place.  It’s no wonder that Girl Child cried when we told her it was closing.

But to not end on a down note, there will be a different restaurant opening up in hopefully 18 months or less that will do lots of gluten free food, including pizza.  In the meantime, we get to try other places (if Boy doesn’t freak out) and maybe find a new favourite place.


Lucy said...

That is sad. To have a restuarant like that, where celebrations and history and total convenience abound is lovely. Hope the next one gets opened quick!

E. said...

Hi Lucy. We hope the next one opens quickly too. In the meantime at least we have our memories and can venture out of our comfort zone.

Lulu said...

OH bugger. It's so hard to find somewhere you KNOW you are going to have a great meal.


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