Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sweet Sunday Blog Hop #3

As always, the Sweet Sunday Blog hop is brought to you by Jaded Vixen.

  1. The last amazing book you read from cover to cover was? I haven't read anything amazing lately.  I have read stuff I have enjoyed but nothing absolutely mind blowing.
  2. What is the best thing you know how to cook from scratch...share the recipe please! I am so not a good cook.  However, I have recently started making pseudo carbonara sauce for pasta.  Mr E. and Girl Child both really like it. 
  3. The brand and shade of the make up product you can't live without. I don’t really wear make up.  However, I really like Nutrimetics Intensive Lip Treatment SPF 18.
  4. If you could only shop for clothes in one store for the rest of your life you would choose...well as I’m currently wearing jeans from Rockmans and an IT Branded T-shirt (which was free), it shows that I have no allegiance to any store.  I guess if I could only choose one I’d choose somewhere like Myer or David Jones just as there is generally a range of clothing from casual to formal.  However, mostly I wear Rockmans or Kmart. Scary really.
  5. Can you speak multiple languages? No.  Although I did study a language in Year 11 and 12 and for a while at Uni.  Can’t remember much and can’t speak it.
  6. What makes you feel sexy? Getting dressed up, going out to dinner… I think.  It’s been so long I can’t remember!

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beemii said...

Found you on sweet sunday blog hop, love your blog!!!

Cate P said...

I think I would choose DJ's too. They have everything from my favourite bras to yummy accessories and everything in between. If only I could afford to shop there every week... sigh...


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