Wednesday, 18 August 2010


For some bloggers followers are really important.  For others it appears not so much.  My followers are just under 50 at this point in time and I’m happy with that.  Sure I’d  like there to be more but I’m not planning on doing anything to increase the numbers except for be myself. Of course being so close to 50 could mean that I throw a celebration once I actually get there.  Don’t hold me to it.

While I was blog hopping recently I noticed a few people with 800 plus followers.  Now, I generally just follow blogs I’m interested in and figure there is no way I will ever have 800 plus followers.  But I had this weird thought.  How does the amount of followers a blog already has effect you? Do you follow people with a lot of followers or do you think well you have  have a lot of followers then you don’t need me to follow you as well?

I’m not sure. I do think the that little people need to be supported more than the big blogs.  But then maybe it’s just me feeling inferior around popular people.

So does the number of followers someone have change whether you follow them or not?


CardiffScot said...

I follow blogs I like. Period. But I do tend to prefer the content of blogs that don't seem to have a lot of followers, they seem to be more 'real' somehow.

I like to participate in 'blog hops' on occasion, it's nice to fell part of a community sometime and it's a good way to discover new blogs. If I like what I see, I follow.

I don't get too hung up on the number of followers I have. Sure, it's nice to know that someone out there is hearing when you're pouring your heart out, but I'd rather have 4 followers who I'm regularly able to interact with and get to know than 4000 who I don't really know.

Lucy said...

I am often totally baffled by this. Sometimes I come across blogs that have a gadzillion followers, but the blog has very little actual content? So maybe the content *was* good, ages ago, and because the followers came, then the content became less importannt, as followers follow the masses? Dunno? Am I making any sense at all?!

Ratz said...

it feels great to be a part of a bloghop... u get a number of followers but eventually i realised that i would appreciate people who would read my posts and understand what i wanted to say.. and leave me a little comment saying they understand or something... without that i think 800+ or not.. it doesn't actually matter...

Simply Me said...

My hubs tells me, " If what you write is real and comes from the heart ..followers will eventually come " and even though its hard to make sense of what he says 8 out of 10 times ..i know he's right!! for me every follower added is a celebration but I agree with Cardiffscott too'd rather have 4 you'd interact with than 4000 you dont care !!
P.S ..i dropped by from raisinganarmy and am your newest follower 50 is a cause for celebration ..whatsay ?

alliecat said...

I'm a bit with you on this one. Sometimes I come across a blog with 4 or 500 followers and I am put off. Part of it that I don't think any comment I make will be read or appreciated, it will just get lost in a fray of other eager commenters. Part of me thinks they don't need me either! Anything beyond those numbers I may look at but then move one. For a regularly followed blog on my list, after somewhere around 250 followers they are likely to lose me unless I really love it there and have been following since way back when they were about 50, like you! (Congrats, btw...)

solnushka said...

How does the follow thing work then? I use wordpress and we don't have it. As a result, I'm afraid I tend not to hit the follow button mainly because I don't really understand it.

I know! I shall press yours and see what happens.

Anna said...

I have been stuck on 50 followers for aaages. But I haven't really been posting much lately so anyone new to my blog would think it was pretty boring.
It is always nice to have new followers, but I think there are generally lots of people following that don't actually publicly 'follow'. If that makes sense!

Lulu said...

I agree with pretty much everything written already.
Especially the 800 followers but smallish content!

I think I love the little blogs bestest.

E. said...

It seems that my thoughts were very similar to yours. So thanks for following me and especially for commenting.

Solnushka - following on blogger gives you a list of the blogs you follow most recent posts on in one spot. It makes it all neat and tidy for me.

I'm very glad you all dropped by!

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

I am late to the party again... Sigh. I follow blogs based on content and can be ruthless with unfollowing. If they get boring (800 or 4000) I'm outta there.

Content is king for me and I always try to comment when I can. Often I read when waiting for ppl for inspections etc and have to drop and run. Anywhooo.

Loving you at 50'something. Congrats!

Being Me said...

D'oh, I'm even later, Melissa! ;)

I had a big hang-up about followers once. But now it's more comments than anything for me. I don't see the point of having people "follow" you (when all they ahve to do is click a button), I'd rather know they're going to get invested in my content.

Being Me said...

oops, I hit submit before I finished my train of thought (Sorry, E!). I agree with a large no. of followers putting me off. Anywhere over 200 and I think I'm not going to get noticed if I do/don't read or comment, and for me it is about connecting with others - hence my thing about hoping people reading my blog will actually become interested in what I'm saying and not just hitting that 'follow' button to give me a brief thrill before leaving again. you know what I mean?


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