Thursday, 12 August 2010

I had a haircut!

Now, how is this worthy of a blog post? Well as a jeans, t-shirt and joggers girl, I actually don't do that much in the beautification stakes. In fact the last time I had my hair cut it was February.  For some people that could be considered sacrilege but not me. I consider it self preservation. You see, I don't like small talk in general, let alone with someone I don't know very well if at all. I have never had a relationship with a hairdresser where I would follow them around town  either but maybe that's because I don't really care. Scary thought really and probably explains the jeans and t-shirts.

Today a haircut just not actually on my agenda.  I just had some time between appointments and so following Nike’s advice:


Image from

I just did it.

Note to self: when you search images for Nike Just Do It, there are some interesting things out on the interwebs!

So anyway, I had a haircut.  I think it looks pretty good.  Let’s hope I can actually get it to look good tomorrow and every day after that.  It’s pretty much a brush and go style so I hope I can manage it myself.  Although I was given instruction on how to scrunch it as well.

The good thing about having my hair cut today is that a number of people have noticed and commented positively.  So that’s a nice little ego boast.  An ego boast that has been very much needed this week.

What things in your life have given you a little ego boast recently?

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Jacki said...

Good for you! It sounds like we have a similar approach to hairstyling... Congrats on making the chop!


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