Sunday, 29 August 2010

5,000 question Survey 301 to 350

301. List 5 things you have not experienced that you would like to experience before you die.
Travelling Overseas with my family
B Going in a hot air balloon
C Getting old
D Seeing my children to adulthood
E Celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary and then more

302. Will you try to accomplish any of these things within the next year? Travelling yes.  But that’s it.

303. What do you feel controlled by?Fear

304. If Jesus appeared to you and told you that the moon was made of green cheese would you believe him? Probably not.

305. What is one thing you are sure of? I love my family very much.

306. At what part of the day do you feel the most alert? After I have a cup of coffee.

307. Have you ever played in a band? In my High School Band. I played very badly.

308. Have you ever stared into the ocean thinking 'early creatures crawled outta that'? No. But I might next time I see it!

309. If not, what do you think of when you are staring into the ocean?How pretty  it is and Is it warm or cold?

310. Do you like the mental challenge of chess or other games? Not really. I’m not very good at that sort of thing.

311. Do you ever think of where your atoms were before they were in you? Nope.

312. Do you ever think about where your atoms will go after they have been in you?

313. If you didn't know that people couldn't fly do you think that you could? No.

314. Are you someone that others call when they're having a problem and want to talk about it? Depends on the person. For some yes, other no.

315. When it comes to literature, do you see beyond the writing and into the meaning intended by the author? Depends on my mood. I can and do but not always. But then some things don’t necessarily have a deep meaning.

316. Is there anything you can take apart completely, and then put back together, and have no left over parts? An original Donkey Kong game. I used to do it all the time as a child. And a rubix cube because I could never solve it!

317. What are your feelings about the death penalty?Ambivalent.

318. If there was a god and you could ask him/her one question what would it be? Why is there so much suffering in the world?

319. Do you believe that life will be found on other planets Yes. Intelligent life? Maybe not.

320. What is something worth suffering for? My children.

321. If you could put an extra eye on your body anywhere you wanted, where would you put it? Back of my head would be useful.

322. Are you in touch with the earth and nature? I’d like to think I am but in reality, not so much.

323. Would you rather live simply or extravagantly? Simply. But I think everyone’s idea of simple and extravagant are extremely different.

324. Have you ever been camping? Yes

325. Is your heart open when you meet someone new? I think I have an open mind but I protect my heart.

326. Are you able to have conversations with and become friends with people who are not like you and are interested in different things than you are? Yes.

327. Are strangers more beautiful or frightening to you? Its depends on my mood, what the people are like, whether it’s a dodgy place or at night. Lots of variables.

328. What stops you from doing everything you want to do? Lack of time, talent, family responsiblities etc.

329. Can you think of three adjectives that do not apply to you at all? Currently? Pretty, slim, confident....

330. How do you feel about Jeremy Jaynes, who got a nine year prison sentence for spamming people with junk email (
I really don’t like spam so I’m glad he was prosecuted. But I’m not sure whether the sentence was appropriate.

331. Do you know who the current premier of China is? Actually, no I don’t. Quite embarrassing really.

332. Are you very active?
No. But I’m working on it.

333. Is there a city that reminds you of the landscape of your brain? Nope. My brain is unique!

334. Have you ever loved someone who has loved you back?
335. Is it really being 'in love with' someone if the other person doesn't love you? Yes. Love is often one sided.

336. Do you believe that there is someone perfect for everyone or that people just fall in love with whoever they are with at the time? I think people tend to fall for people they are with or in close proximity to.

337. Do you know secret things? Yes. I’m a vault.

338. Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have? Yes.

339. How do you overcome your fears? With great difficulty

340. What can you do better than anyone you know? Nothing I can think of.  No wait.  Be Me!

341. Would you benefit from a wilder existence? Yes.

342. Does it seem to you like the range of socially acceptable behaviour is getting smaller or larger? Both. In times last century people were judged by gender or skin colour etc. Women, aboriginals, African Americans etc were not allowed to vote. Thankfully, that has changed. Previously, people were allowed to hit children with items to discipline them. In general that is no longer acceptable. Society is evolving and things that were acceptable are no longer. New things become acceptable.

343. Have you ever fired a gun? No.

344. Are people becoming more afraid of each other? I don’t know. More cautious maybe.

345. If you had to choose the percentage of freedom vs. safety what ratio would you decide on (ex: 100% free 0% safe)? As Julia Roberts’ character said in Pretty Women “I’m a safety girl.” So for me tonight the answer is 30% free, 70% safe.

346. Does safety stifle you? Not usually.

347. Who or what needs to be stopped? Lots of things. Famine, cruelty, abuse, etc.

348. Are human beings becoming more domesticated? Than what?

349. Do you follow the lives of the British Royal Family? Not really. I just hear or read what is in the news. I don’t go looking for Royal information or TV and magazine specials.

350. How did the death of Pope John Paul II ( affect you?  I was saddened. He seemed like a nice man.

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