Monday, 16 August 2010

More busyness (the social whirl continues)

After the weekend’s adventures you would think I would be having some downtime. But no, not me. Today, I had Girl Child home from school again (this makes about 2 for her so far this term and Boy has missed 5.5 days as well) so I will be  glad when winter is over.

Tomorrow I have a fair bit of work to do. I have to catch up on today’s as well as ensure everything is done because I am going to see my grandmother on Wednesday.

Yes, you read it right. I am going. Thanks to Deep Fried Fruit’s post here and her offer on my blog to send her Mum, Husband and cleaner over to my place so I could go see my grandmother, I figured I really needed to get my butt down there.

So I am going on Wednesday. I will probably leaving home about 6.30 am. I’ll arrive at her house and probably have to have a cup of tea (my grandmother is very big on tea) before driving her to a specialist appointment. After that I need to return my grandmother to my aunt’s house on the other side of the city and stay there until about 6.30 pm  before leaving to come home otherwise I will get stuck in traffic. It will be a big day and I’m pretty sure I will be absolutely stuffed and probably running on caffeine and junk food.

While it’s not a healthy thing to do, I need to go and see her and it helps my aunt and uncle etc if I can do some of the running around for them. So I will probably be setting up a post to be published while I am away but I might set it up for late enough so that if I my mind is racing when I get home I can do a different one instead.  Of course I could always work out how to blog on my phone. But that would take effort.

Thursday is hopefully going to be a fairly normal day but then it will be Girl Child’s birthday and her party will be held on Saturday afternoon. Before that though is the election day sausage sizzle at school. I haven’t been asked to help out as yet but I’m sure I will be in the next few days. They have me labelled as a sucker.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. Hopefully I’ll get a big sleep in and a lazy day at home.

No, I won’t really be having Deep Fried Fruits people here to clean my place.  But if they do have some time on their hands I’d be very happy to accept.

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