Thursday, 26 August 2010

Book week dress up day

Girl Child and I discussed and worked out a costume earlier in the week.  Which was of course, a Fairy.  I didn't even mention it to Boy child as I thought that maybe he was too old this year.  I can’t remember him dressing up last year.  Boy was I wrong.

So tonight has involved Girl child changing her mind about a fairy and apparently now she wants to go as  a girl from the Tiara Club.  and Boy Child wants to go as a character from Naruto. Thankfully he used his birthday money last year to buy a jacket that many Naruto characters wear so that part was easy but it feels like we have spent about an hour working out exactly which character he will be.

Let’s hope they don’t change their minds again in the morning.  I will not be impressed!


Psych Babbler said...

Cute! I worked in a school till the end of 2009 and book week was adorable for the primary school kids. There were some ingenious outfits by some kids. Although Hannah Montana seemed to be the girls' favourite and Ben Ten the boys'.

Langdowns said...

Cool! My kids didn't do dress ups for book week this week, instead they had a crazy shoe day which was much easier. We threaded pom poms onto string and hung them off the shoes. Hope the fairy went well!


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