Friday, 13 August 2010

Entering the social whirl

Me, that is! I have a very busy (for us) weekend laid on before me. You see, someone I know has started up doing Chocoholics Anonymous Parties. So this evening I have attended my first ever Chocoholics Anonymous party. Now they have Gluten Free printed on a few items on the catalogue so I bought myself one of those, something for Mr E and something for the kids as well. Tomorrow evening I am also going out! To drum roll please.... A Chocoholics Anonymous party. Yes, two in two days run by the same person. Now I was actually invited to Party number 2 first but I also thought I should go to Party number 1 just to be fair and not choose favourites. So far I have been good and not booked a party for me (I tend to feel guilty if the host doesn’t have enough sales / bookings to get free stuff) and I really hope I don’t tomorrow either.

Then on Sunday we are meeting some friends at the pool in the morning and I have a lunch to go to. Boy Child and friend are quite peeved that they can’t stay all day. But seriously Girl Child needs me to be in the water with her and I don’t think I will be able to stand anymore than about 90 minutes. Girl is slowly getting more confident but if she can’t stand up then she won’t even try to swim. She has made great progress from the child who held on to you for dear life about 18 months ago. Thankyou intensive school holiday swimming lessons. She can kick and float and do the strokes but only if she knows she can stand. I find it very strange as Boy was (and still is) a complete water baby.

Anyway these are the plans for the weekend. And this may change at any given moment. My grandmother who ended up in hospital due to her 5% renal function was discharged earlier in the week after a week’s admittance but only managed to stay out of hospital for about 48 hours and has been admitted again. I want to see her but there is nothing I can do at this point apart from just visit which is making me feel quite useless. I’m thinking about driving the 3.5 or so hours to see her for a while partway through next week. Then there is the whole should I take the kids with me or not? It is worth a 7 or so hour round trip to hang out in a hospital room for a few hours? At this point the answer to question 2 is yes. But I’m pretty sure my grandmother would tell me I’m too busy and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time visiting her. ARGH!

Of course, it really is my decision not hers. If things deteriorate during the weekend I will be bolting down there ASAP, regardless of what she thinks is best for me. Maybe seeing her will help me to feel less worried about her. It may not, but we will see.  I don’t want to have any regrets later because I put off (or was talked out of) going.

So my standard stay at home life is definitely out the window this weekend even without factoring in any possible trips. What are you all up to this weekend?

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Langdowns said...

I will send my husband, my mother and my cleaner over to you :) Then you can go and visit your grandmother knowing the fairies are at work at home! :0 :)


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