Monday, 28 December 2009

Just your stereotypical blonde… or perhaps not

Smiley Dog is a considered to be a golden Labrador.  I’d consider him to be Cream but apparently Labs are only Black, Chocolate and Gold.  Anyway I’m digressing….

Smiley Dog has always been one of those Ditzy type blondes. In fact Silly Smiley would be what he was called more often than not.  It was a though he just had no common sense or more likely never out grew his puppy phase.  Not bad for a dog who turned 8 last week.

Since his operation, he had continued with his silly behaviour doing things like ripping out some stitches (the vet had to redo 3 stitches two days after he came home)  and walking into the fence, the door, the walls and me because he is wearing an Elizabethan collar to stop him hurting / scratching his wounds.

But the best one was getting stuck in the kennel because of the collar.  He had obviously managed to get in but couldn't get himself back out in the morning.  Mr E and I thought it was very funny and poor Smiley Dog has not been back into the kennel since… obviously he isn't as silly as we thought!

I’ve been scouring the ‘net to find stuff about training deaf dogs and even though both Smiley and Serious Dog passed obedience neither have responded very well to hand signals – perhaps they were unclear or I wasn't as focussed on using them.

Tonight I was trying to reinforce and modify the hand signals so both dogs would do what they were asked.  It was Smiley Dog who sat quickly when asked.  So I’m thinking with a lot more time Smiley dog will be doing what I ask of him.  Maybe he is not the ditzy blonde we thought!  Yay, Smiley Dog!

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