Monday, 7 December 2009

My Christmas Spirit has gone AWOL

It’s sad really.  Only 18 days until Christmas and I have no motivation in the whole event at all.  I have presents to buy, mince pies to make and kilos to lose but no motivation to do any of it!

I need to buy gifts for:

Boy child,

Girl child,

Mr E.,

Probably my grandmother,

Probably my aunt and uncle,

Two nieces, and

My various cousins children – 4 girls. Thankfully I have something for the youngest.

So at least 6 presents need to be bought by 18 December.  And If I am getting the adults presents as well that’s another 3 by the same date.  And I have no idea what to get anyone.

Mince pies – I have the pastry mix and even have the fruit mince but couldn't be bothered making them for when we put up the Christmas tree.  Luckily I found GF shortbread at the supermarket.  So I ate that while we put up the tree yesterday.

Tree decorating did not go smoothly.  Boy child and girl child have different decorating ideas and co-operation is not part of that.  Boy child even suggested that he decorated the tree and then Girl Child could decorate after him.  This did not go down well.  However, the tree is decorated and no blood was shed.

christmas_tree_75[1]This is NOT our tree. I wish it was. In fact ours is much smaller and looks more along the lines of this:



Only slightly taller and overloaded with decorations.

Mr E. has wandered past and suggested we drink lots of Strongbow (Cider) in order to have this tree next year.


I can see blood being shed if either Girl Child or Boy Child got near this tree. At this point taking up drinking to get enough bottles seems like a good idea.

But that would also ruin the whole kilos to lose plan unless I gave up eating and just took up drinking alcohol.  Perhaps that would work. No, maybe not.  Anyway I had had a grand plan of being fitter next time I saw my extended family but it has not happened.  Which is sad and makes me feel quite self conscious. But there is no healthy way of getting a lot healthier and fitter in 12 days so I think I should just give that up as a lost cause.

So everyone whether you do Christmas or not, please send me some motivation or my family will be very disappointed!

Thank you.


Tasia D. said...

Gorgeous tree that you all have done! My kids were quite obnoxious about the decorating of the tree this year as well! My son wanted to bobble everything together in one area, my daughter had the more commonly agreed upon method to spread things out. We ended up with the top half looking "normal" and the bottom half very cluttered!

Good luck getting your shopping and such in order - I still have loads to do, as well. Eek. Cookies, here I come! (To bake, not eat.. Okay, that's not true.. eating will occur as well!)

Clarissa said...

Keep it up! Maybe aim for new years...that is nearly a month away!! And good luck with the shopping. I am lucky cause this year no one is really doing presents as me and my boyfriends family are going overseas.

For tree decorating when I was a youngster, me and my brother each had a pile of decorations and they were all we were allowed to put on the tree. And we couldn't remove our siblings decorations. Luckily I always got to put the star on top.

solnushka said...

we are still debating the wisdom of putting a tree up this year with a small boy in the house who thinks anything not actually nailed down or out of reach should be pullud over, switched of or flung energetically.

Cate P said...

Glad there's someone else who hasn't started shopping yet. I haven't even thought about a thing yet, and it's my turn to host too...... I should be getting orgnized but I have lovely blogs to read, much more fun.

Rammi said...

I have a feeling my tree fits your description. I don't do Christmas very well.


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