Saturday, 12 December 2009

I have Christmas Spirit!

I was over reading Quixotic’s Blog a few days ago… more specifically I was reading her post about Gingerbread when I decided I really truly needed mince pies and shortbread. these are the two things that I really like for Christmas and the Gluten Free versions available in the shops are fairly expensive so i have taken to making them myself.

So what better to do on a Saturday afternoon but bake.  So  I started to make mince pies and Girl Child joined in.  Eventually we had 11 mince pies and 3 trays of shortbread.  We have shortbread angels, Santa’s, stars and snowmen.  Yes I let Girl child choose what shapes we had. Some of the angels have unfortunate accidents and no longer have hands, and some there may be a snowman what a leg but things mostly turned out well.

The mince pies on the other hand should look like this:mince_pies[1]

Or this:


the ones we made today have pastry that is a little dry and quite crumbly. Thankfully they actually taste okay just look way less than ideal.  I think mine look a little like they have been run over in the driveway.

Of course no one will be eating them except me so it’s all good. 

Let’s hope someone in the house has some restraint and there will be some left for the Carols we watch on TV.  Unfortunately we will be interstate staying with a relative next Saturday so we may miss watching the Carols in the Domain but here will still be the Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve

I love watching the Carols.  I’ll sit and watch them even if everyone else is doing something else, just me and my candle and my shortbread and mince pies.

Now I have some Christmas Spirit.  Not sure how long it will last for but it’s here for now.

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Anonymous said...

Those cookies look yummy! You should check out my blog there is an award for you there!


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