Sunday, 13 December 2009

I have a Blog Award!

The lovely Stacey from Say Something Stacey has awarded my blog an award. 


Thank you Stacey!  I am very honoured.

Receiving this award means I have to share 10 honest (apparently also little known facts to those in my blog world) facts with you.  Once that is done then I get to bestow the award on 7 awesome bloggers.

Wow this is going to be tricky!

  1. I have had my head shaved.

I went from




to This.


2.     I joined Face book earlier this year to keep up to date with family (everyone lives interstate) and spend most of my time there playing Farm town and lately Treasure Madness as well.

3.     The only broken bone I have had in life was as an adult.  It was a broken bone in my toe and I walked on it for over a week before I went to the Dr.

4.     I have read Twilight and seen the movie. And have absolutely no desire to read or see any more. *Ducking for cover now.*

5.     While I grew up as a only child depending how you count it (steps, halves, possibles etc) I could really be one of 7 living siblings.  Confused?

6.    I would love to get flowers from Mr E. but he doesn't give them to me because Dad only gave Mum flowers when he did something big he needed to apologise for and I worry that Mr E. has done something I won’t like or that will make he sad. Neurotic much?

7.     I have attempted to learn 3 instruments in my life... piano, guitar and the flute.  I appear to be completely lacking any musical ability.

8.     I had a “challenging childhood”.

9.      My mother didn't think Mr E. and I were moving fast enough and sent us off to look at a Bridal show in the hope we would get engaged.

10.     I’m not sure I would have received a ring if there wasn't a deal at the jewellers where you got a TV when you bought an engagement ring.  My Dad even mentioned the TV in his speech at our wedding.

Passing the Honest Scrap award was a really tough thing to do as some of the blogs I love have already been given the Honest Scrap award or most other award in recently.  So I took those off my list just in order to share the love.  I follow about 25 blogs so if I follow you I enjoy reading your blogs and you are all terrific.

Here are bloggers I am passing Honest Scrap on to:

Quixotic from Quixotic Life.

Madmother who posts here. 

Alliecat from In a beautiful pea green boat. Alliecat’s most recent post is a tearjerker.

Solnushka at Verbosity.

Tabitha who is Heading in the Right Direction.

Stacie from Buried the Lead.

Anella who posts at  Things I say and Pictures I take.

Check out their blogs.  And once again thanks to Stacey!


Madmother said...

Wow - thank you so much! I am honoured. Now to work out who to pass it on to...

Anella said...

Thanks so much for passing that on, I am too honoured =]

Enjoyed reading yours! The TV/engagement thing was funny!

alliecat said...

Ooh, thanks! Will have a good look around here now too! And check out the others you have mentioned, I love finding new blogs this way.

Madmother said...

Done. I think.

Rammi said...

Hooray for another person lacking in musical ability!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thank you so much!

Daria said...

I'm so impressed with how honest people who get this award have been! I have to ask - why did you shave your head? Did you donate your hair? Obviously, you don't have to answer. I'm just nosy. =)


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