Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What Do You Want from Santa this Year?

I stole this from Psych Babbler from Over Cups of Coffee who borrowed it BlogDumps.

Keeping with the Holiday theme, what would you like to have this Christmas? I know we all want World peace and good will towards men and this is a time of giving, but what’s the one (or two or three) items you want for Christmas this year? Lets have some fun ~ even if you exaggerate.

Well I’m pretty sure I’m not getting anything for Christmas from my family despite hinting (well actually saying ) I want the DVD of P!NK’s funhouse tour.  Mr E. is busy and well Boy Child and Girl Child aren’t old enough to be let loose by themselves.  Plus Boy Child doesn't like shopping.  I do have some presents under the tree both from my Sappy Romance Readers Group (Boy Child’s description). One is a Secret Santa present and the other is some books that we each contribute to during the year.

Here we go:

1. Someone to make Chocolate non fattening.  Oh wait why not just make everything healthy but still with the same great taste.

2. A better year for friends and family.  This year has be okay for us as a nuclear family but has sucked for so many people we know.  In the extended family there was a terminally ill child and miscarriages. Friends have had depression and other mental illnesses, family members extremely ill, family members having life saving surgery, etc, etc.  I would hope that 2010 is better for everyone affected by death, illness, injury etc this year.

3. A magic wand or cooking and cleaning fairies.  Either would be great.  I’m happy to use the wand and get a clean and tidy house although I’m sure fairies would be a bigger hit with Girl Child.

4. Yes the DVD. Hint. Hint…I was at one of the concerts and I loved it.  Now to relive it all again. FunhouseLiveCover_sml[1]

5. Sleep.   Girl child is now sleeping through the night at 6.25 years of age, I would really like some more sleep to make up for the sleep I have missed.

6. My backpack handbag is broken.  And it’s pretty much the only bag I have used in the last few years unless I have had one of the children’s backpacks.  Zipper no longer does up or undoes for that matter so a new bag would be great and helpful.

7. If I can’t have a magic wand or Housework fairies could I get a babysitter / housecleaner? Then we could have a clean house and Mr E. and I could got to a movie or something occasionally. Romantic dinners, here we come.

8. A crystal ball to see into the future.  It would be very handy to know how much or little we are screwing our kids up. Or to see what effect different choices we make could have on out lives.

9. A new me. One who is fitter, healthier, stronger and less neurotic.  A decent haircut would help too. LOL.

Finally 10. As so aptly said by Gracie Hart aka Gracie Lou Freebush: And I really do want world peace!


Anella said...

I love the mention of non fattening chocolate, lol. That would be amazing. I'm going to get Pinks dvd tour too, she's amazing! I haven't een her live unfortunately =[

I hope you get everything you asked for =]

Anonymous said...

Great list!

I have left an award for you at my place. If you have time (yes a scarce commodity) please feel free to take it up.

E. said...

Wow! Thanks livemorenow. I will drop by and check out that the award entails!


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