Saturday, 5 December 2009

Back again…

Wow NaBloPoMo is over and I have already gotten out of the habit of posting every day.

So what have I been up to?  Mostly spending lots of time thinking about cleaning up because my Grandmother was coming from interstate to stay overnight and see the kids dance concert. Then there was a whole bunch of stuff including but not limited to discovering where the message to Boy Child was lost on Tuesday, repainting the tap shoes (the right colour this time) and taking Smiley Dog back to the vet.

There was also the actual cleaning up part.  Yuck.  I feel as though I have spent hours and hours cleaning. The house hasn't been this neat and tidy since June. Which is good and but it’s own way rather disgusting!  Let’s hope we can actually keep on top of it this time.

So my grandmother arrived Friday lunchtime.  The Dance concert has 3 shows, Friday evening, Saturday Matinee and Saturday evening.  We had tickets to see the Friday show.

Remember my post about not being cut out to be a dancing mum? Well surprisingly Friday’s makeup and hair went remarkably well.  There was no yelling, swearing or tears from either Girl Child or me.  The concert went well and both children had fun despite their nerves. My grandmother enjoyed seeing it as well. We have ordered a copy of the DVD that was taken so then we will be able to watch the concert over and over again!

This morning we dropped my grandmother off so she could go back to here place with another relative and things were going well until….. hair and make-up were required for the first concert today.  Yesterday I had said that hair would need to be brushed out last night before bed so it could be redone for today’s performances. Girl Child and my Grandmother both insisted that it would be fine and so stupidly I left it.

It was not fine! Grandmother had added extra hair product to it while I was in the shower this morning and for a while it looked okay.  so I started the make-up. It did not go well.  Girl child was grumpy, I was tired and grumpy and lets just say it involved shouting, tears and swearing.  And that was just me. Girl Child had tears which of course lead to makeup running which meant even more time to fix it. It was not nice. I think I behaved worse that she did and I am not 6!  Then we had the hair issue!  How hard is it to do a high pony tail with 2 plaits? Extremely difficult with a non cooperative child who won’t let you touch their hair. We got to the theatre and I went to redo the hair and Girl Child just lost the plot. 

I had taken it out too so it wasn’t like it could just have yet another layer of gel/mousse and hair spray on it. There was so much gunk it in I couldn't brush it which then to lead to a stand off between me and my child.  Yes another childish moment.  But I managed to get her to the stage door and talked to into letting me redo the hair.  It wasn’t as neat as Friday’s but it was better than it had been when we left for the concert.  However I felt that I need to take up drinking.  And Mr E. later referred to me as psycho.  Both low moments in this whole mothering gig for me.

Anyway both of today’s concerts went well. Both children enjoyed themselves and are deciding what dance classes they want to take next year.  Boy child want to do Tap or Jazz to his Street funk / Hip Hop and currently Girl child wants to do Tap, Tap and Tap.  We shall see!

I’m thinking we might put up our Christmas Tree tomorrow but I want to have shortbread or mince pies to eat while we do that and I need to make them.  I’m not sure if I am up for cooking tomorrow.  I think I might just want to sleep the day away.

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