Thursday, 21 October 2010

Somewhere I have been

It’s Day 5 of this self actualisation project (I never said they would be consecutive days, now did I?) and I’m supposed to share a picture of a place I have been.

Now, I haven’t actually travelled that extensively. I have been to Singapore with a side trip to Malaysia, I’ve been to some islands in the South Pacific. But I have been to every state in Australia (except the Northern Territory - which isn’t a state anyway).

File:Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay.jpg

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Image from Wikipedia

I’ve probably spent the most time in Sydney.  After all that’s the place where I was born and I still have family there.  So going to Sydney generally involves staying with family and almost always a trip to the beach.  No, not Bondi (I can’t actually remember the last time I was even at Bondi) but Boy Child loves the ocean so it’s somewhere we often go, even in winter but he rarely swims there then.

So this is a place I have been, a place where family is, the place I was born.  It’s the same city that Mr E. was born in too.  I left Sydney aged 8 and have never lived there again.  But it is a place we visit.


CardiffScot said...

I'm so jealous you get to be Australian!!! It's somewhere I definitely want to visit, but I want to be able to have the time to see it properly - it's a LONG way to come from the UK to miss half of it ut.

Diane said...

How beautiful! Visiting Australia is on my "bucket list"...maybe I'll make it down there one of these days! ;)

E. said...

I think Australia is a great place. But then I have never lived anywhere else.

The only issue is that it is so far from the places with lots of culture and history such as Europe. Oh an some one have an issue with the middle beign a desert, too. LOL.

CardiffScot - I live here and there are lots of things I haven't done as yet such as Uluru, the 12 Apostles etc....I'm sure I will get there eventually.

But I don't have Paris or Italy a few hours away and buildings dating back more than 220 or so years.


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