Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Facebook status is…


Today is Day 2 of my Self Actualisation Project. Today I need write about the meaning behind my Facebook status. It currently is:

School is back! Yay, hip, hip, hurray. I think I'm a tad too excited.

As you may have read, this latest school holidays drove me to drink.  Well, drove me to having two alcoholic beverages in about 5 days.  If you have read this post, you’d know that alcohol and I are not well acquainted.

Anyway on Monday the children went back to school.  So I posted the above as my Facebook status.  I was pleasantly surprised that a number of people liked my comment and some people also commented that they felt similarly.  I am concerned that these holidays were only 2 weeks long.  The next set are about 6 weeks.  I’m wondering how I’ll cope when those happen.  Of course it will be the end of the year, so we will have Christmas and new things to keep us entertained.  There will also be High school to get ready for.

But I’m actually wondering how people in the USA survive Summer holidays?  Isn't that all summer without school? Is it really 3 whole months?  If so, I can understand why it seems lots of children go to summer camp.

So not much self actualising here today.  I’m sorry about that.  Let’s see what Day 3 brings, shall we?

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heavenisabookstore said...

Yes we send the kids away for at least five weeks, if we are lucky. If not, then we try a day camp. I personally am a fan of year round schools.


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