Saturday, 9 October 2010

Alcohol…what’s your take on it?

In my last past I wrote about waiting to take up drinking.  I don't actually like the taste of alcohol so that is part of the reason I don't drink much.  Another reason might be the fact that one of my parents drank.  A lot.  Well it seemed a lot to me.  It did result in that parent going rehab for a while (a few weeks maybe?) when I was in Year 10.  The thing was my parent wasn't a violent drunk. More of a I’ll just a drink until I fall asleep or pass out kind of drunk.

So whenever I think about taking up drinking I always freak myself out a little.  That’s not to say I don’t drink at all.  I’ve had my share of drunken nights out.  Generally few and far between.  I’m happy to be the designated driver.  I can’t understand the whole I need a drink or two to relax every night.  I have no issue if that’s what you do.  Although I would prefer that your relaxation doesn't negatively affect you or those around you.

But there is something about the school holidays that makes me think about taking up drinking.  And that worries me.  Because I grew up in a house where alcohol was used to relax (or more likely escape from reality) am I more likely to succumb? And what is it about school holidays that causes this in me?  Is it wanting to escape from the children? Being frustrated by trying to work with the children around and interrupting? Or is it just a symptom that I’m heading towards a low point, possibly a mid life crisis?

Ummm… I’m thinking it’s a good idea to join Joanie and do some self actualisation posts shortly.

What was the alcohol consumption like in your house growing up?  And has it effected how much you drink now?  Some people I know are participating in Ocsober this year – Melissa from Suger Coat It is one, (and someone I know did Dry July as well) so I thought this would be a timely post.  Is Australia the only place that has these? Plus the children go back to school on Monday and I’ll probably be wondering why I was even thinking about alcohol.

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Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

My parents don't drink at all. Never have. They both had alcoholic's around them growing up and were afraid they would succumb. Having seen how good I am at addiction, I do wonder if I should have taken it up at all...

Timely indeed.


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