Thursday, 7 October 2010

School holiday hits and misses

So the holidays are almost over.  This school holidays have been quite challenging and I’m not sure why.  Only that I’ve been very frustrated with the children a fair bit and have considered taking up drinking a number of times.  In fact, I have actually had 2 alcoholic drinks this week which is very unusual for me. Aside from me not enjoying the holidays what exciting things have we been doing?

Well Girl Child has had swimming lessons every week day at 10am.  Boy Child spent 2 days last week learning how to make a 3D castle.  We have had some play dates and tried to go and see Diary of a Wimpy Kid (with the same family) twice.  Both occasions were a miserable failure.

Firstly the internet movie listing was incorrect and the movie was only at on Thursday at that particular time not Tuesday and Thursday as it had said.  So we meet up to go today and the movie theatre is packed.  Seriously there was probably 3 times the amount of people there today than there were on Tuesday.  Given Tuesday is the cheap day it seemed very odd.  Anyway, we had planned to meet up at 1pm allowing us 45 minutes to get tickets and those movie essentials popcorn and frozen coke.

The movie was actually on at 1.50 and I received a message to meet up at 1.20 instead.  Sure not a problem, after all the place was quiet on Tuesday.  We have just pulled into the car park and my phone rings.  The movie is sold out.  What?  How can a movie be sold out?  Apparently by 1.10 the movie only had 4 tickets left and so they deemed it to be full.  Unfortunately for us we needed 6 tickets. So once again we missed it.

Now it was also showing about 4 pm today and Sorcerers Apprentice was showing at 2 but no, it wasn’t possible to see those.  Why?  Because the other family had already seen the Sorcerers Apprentice and couldn’t stay for the 4 pm screening so it would be boring without them.  This pearler was delivered courtesy of Boy Child.  Seriously watching a movie is boring without another family?  You are sitting in the dark not talking to each other. How can doing that with just your family be boring?  Especially when you want to see that movie.  I figure it was really the change that he wasn’t coping well with (an ASD thing), but still it did my head in. 

Girl Child grazed her face on Tuesday.  It looks worse in real life.

Catie grazed face

I’m surprised she didn't end up with a black eye.  The bruising on her forehead has gone though.  Anyway, the holidays are almost over.  One more swimming lesson for Girl Child, Boy is taking a friend to the pool tomorrow and then in the afternoon we have a BBQ birthday party to go to at a park. I have yet to actually take up drinking and hopefully Girl Child will have healed enough to not get the “Oh, Girl Child what happened to you?” by the time she goes back to school. Mr E. thinks I should reply with “She just doesn't listen.” Ummm, no.  I’m so not going to be saying that. In reality, she fell over on a path.

I’m really hoping that once school goes back Girl Child and I will have our act together and manage to be early.  I wonder how that will work out?  It’s one of my 101 in 1001 things.

Busy day tomorrow and then the weekend.  Maybe we could try to see a movie?  Third time lucky, perhaps?  What are you up to tomorrow and on the weekend?  Have you enjoyed your school holidays?

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