Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sweet Sunday Blog Hop #5

Once again I’m joining Miss Jaded Vixen in her Sweet Sunday Blog hop. It was her birthday this week so the questions all relate to birthdays. Click on the image to check out her blog and to join in.

Confessions Of A Jaded Gym Junkie

  1. What was the best birthday present/gift you ever received? Ooh that is tricky.  I like presents but when people ask what I would like I go blank and can’t think of anything. I think it would have to be the handmade gifts and cards from the children.  I know they are made and given with love.
  2. The best birthday celebration you've ever had? I quite enjoyed my 30th birthday. My family, friends and I went out for Mexican. Mr E. organised our favourite restaurant to make their GF double chocolate mud cake and bought the whole cake for me.  It was great.
  3. A birthday memory you hold true to your heart... My dad’s birthday was the day before mine so while he was alive we generally had a shared birthday dinner and sometimes cake as well.  I resented it sometimes but thinking back I am glad our birthdays were close.  My birthday always makes me think of Dad and I hold his memory close to my heart.
  4. Someone famous you share a birthday with? No one I know of.
  5. Have you ever spent a birthday away from home? I’m sure I have but I don’t think it would have been many.
  6. Something you want to achieve before your next birthday... Attempt to work out what I want to do with my life.

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