Monday, 11 October 2010

15 facts about me - Self Actualisation Project 2010

Joanie has begun a Self Actualisation Project that a friend of hers posted on Facebook. Given I’m almost up to my first anniversary of Blogging I thought I would join in.  Maybe some navel gazing introspection will be good for me.  Now because I’m not into putting up recent photo’s of myself or my family I will have to work something out for those tasks.

So for Day 1, the challenge is to post a recent picture of me and 15 facts about myself.

For this one the recent picture is easy.  Here is me at the chocolate party I went to in August.

.Choc Party

The 15 facts about myself (nobody said that had to be new facts did they?) are:

  1. I love chocolate.
  2. I really love my family but sometimes they come second to chocolate.
  3. I wanted to call this blog For the Love of Chocolate but apparently someone else on blogger had the same idea. :(
  4. I was excited that school went back today.  Very excited and also relieved.
  5. Number 4 makes me feel bad.  I feel as though I should enjoy the time I have with my children (which I do) but sometimes I struggle.  I worry that I am a bad mother because of this.
  6. In fact I often worry that I am a bad mother.  Hell, I worry about a lot of things: do I have friends?, will Boy ever eat like NT people?, but most of all Am I a bad mother? which goes hand in hand with Am I screwing my kids up?. Mr E. calls my worrying (or maybe it’s me expecting the worst) paranoia.  I call it realism.
  7. Yes, I am a glass half empty kind of girl. That may have been obvious from Number 6 but I thought I should mention it just in case you missed it.
  8. I thought perhaps if this Self Actualisation thing was going to work I should actually REALISE stuff about myself and not just put down smart arse remarks.
  9. I failed Operation Anniversary dismally.  And I feel ashamed.  But as MR E. decided that our overseas holiday I wanted for our 15th Anniversary should coincide with the RWC 2011 (and incidentally our 16th Anniversary) I thought I could extend Op Anniversary until then. But I need to kick start (aka restart) it.  I do think Number 1 is part of the reason that Op Anniversary didn’t progress very far.
  10. Rugby Union is pretty much the only sport I will watch of my own volition.  I have not watched any Commonwealth Games and generally ignore the majority of the Olympics when they are on too.  I may be considered un-Australian for this.  I may also get banished from my extended family if they knew. They are very sporty people, some of whom have played in sport for Australia.
  11. Our house is a mess.  It has been this way for quite a while and I am too embarrassed to have friends (or anyone) over.  I think part of the reason it is so messy is because I don’t like people invading my space and that’s how I feel when people are in my house.  Invaded, over run, etc. So I allow it to stay messy and therefore, free of visitors which, in my (also messy) head, apparently means safer.
  12. I did however start cleaning up today.  It’s a step in the right direction. Baby steps, right?
  13. I actually want to just put down smartarse responses now.  There only 2 to go now and it’s been much harder than I thought.
  14. While I am very private person, I actually enjoy blogging. I am envious of people who make lots of friends blogging.
  15. Finally, although I’d love to have lots of followers I really appreciate having followers who comment and who I ‘know’ through their comments and their blogs.
Yay, I made it!


Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

What a cool project, I think these kinds of things are so cool. I'm often amazed by the things I learn about myself in the process of blogging!

E. said...

I figure I need to learn a lot about myself or at least acknowledge what I do know. Plus I figure if I brain dump here I'm less likely to do it on some poor unsuspecting person in real life.


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