Sunday, 24 October 2010

My favourite Superhero

This is the task for Day 6 of this Self Actualisation project - I need to say who my favourite superhero is and why.

My favourite Super hero is Hugh Jackman Wolverine. It’s his arms, shoulders, abs, the way he fills out the jeans and ummmm… I think I’ll stop there and let the picture show you.

Un Hugh Jackman sempre piĆ¹ minaccioso posa in una foto promozionale per  X-Men - Le origini: Wolverine

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While Wolverine as played by Hugh Jackman is very appealing to me, I have actually liked Wolverine since watching the cartoons.  Yes, I like Wolverine even when he was dressed in yellow lycra. Yuk! Now my knowledge comes only from the cartoons and the movies not the comics so if you are a diehard X-Men comic reader and want to tell me I have completely painted him wrong feel free to comment.

The things that appeal to me (not the the physical I got that out of my system further up) about Wolverine aka Logan are:

  • He speaks his mind
  • By nature and circumstance he is a loner but is willing to become part of a group and build relationships
  • He protects his friends and those who can’t defend themselves
  • He stands up for what he believes in
  • While he has done things that he is not proud of he has moved on and turned his life around

I think these are all good characteristics to have especially the learning from your mistakes and moving on. He has overcome so many difficult things and yet retained his humanity. I admire him.

So, my favourite Superhero is Wolverine. Who is your favourite superhero and why?

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Melissa @Suger Coat It said...

Oh yes. Hugh. Love this pic.

{Wolverine is cool too, of course.}


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