Monday, 23 May 2011

Until SOMETHING us do part

So…Marriage.  Does anyone else read that word and hear it pronounced the way it’s said in the Princess Bride? Marwage? Is it even the Princess Bride?  Is it also said like that in Four Weddings and a Funeral? Right back on track.

I can’t actually remember our wedding vows but I’m guessing to death us do part was in there somewhere.  Of course death is something which ends a marriage but with the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger / Maria Shriver relationship ending made me think about what kind of things are Deal breakers ?  The whole Schwarzenegger / Shriver thing made me wonder if cheating is okay but not fathering a child? Or was it not the cheating that was an issue, it was the hiding it for so long?

Before we were married Mr E and I discussed lots of things, some of those conversations were about deal breakers.  Recently I have discovered something that I consider a deal breaker for me was not one of those things.  This deal breaker was not actually around when Mr E and I hooked up.  I was recently heard to say to Mr E. “If you keep Tweeting Masterchef I will seriously consider divorce!” That is currently the deal breaker for me.  Thankfully, the tweeting of Masterchef has stopped or at least lessened enough that I’m no longer considering sleeping in a separate room to him.

But it has also made me wonder what other things have changed during our marriage that could be considered a deal breaker.  Both Mr E. and I have gained weight during our relationship.  For some that would be considered a deal breaker, but to us it’s not.  I have recently heard of a couple who have broken up because one of them lost weight and got fit and the other has chosen not to.  I’m really hoping there is more to the story than that because for some reason that seems like a silly excuse.  But then again my objection to what I consider excessive tweeting of Masterchef may seem silly and petty to some of you as well.  I’m just hoping my newfound objection to chocolate or my  blog reading addiction isn’t enough to cause Mr E to consider divorce.

Is there anything your partner does that  drives you nuts?  Does it frustrate you enough to consider breaking up over?  What things do you do that drive your partner crazy? I mean the silly little things that you didn't expect like excessive tweeting, or an obsession with a certain colour, item or TV show?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks about this kind of stuff…


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh goodness, I had to leave my laptop in the study to stop myself cranky tweeting while watching MasterChef, so I get where Mr E is coming from. Actually, I think if I found my husband laughing himself silly at a show I hated I'd get a bit irked... Not divorced - just irked.

Great post E! x

E. said...

LOL PPMJ. Glad to know that MR E isn't the only one who tweets / tweeted Masterchef obsessively.

Leanne said...

Hell yeah!!! My husband drives me mental. Absolutely mental. And the little things start to grate and grate and grate. But then I stop, take check and always think of 3 wonderful things about him which kinda of make the "driving me mental" bit go away. So, no new deal breakers just yet. (Deal breakers for me are continued excessive alcohol consumption and continued excessive gambling. Neither of which currently impact my marriage. Phew! )

gnomeangel said...

We too talked at length about deal breakers. (Cheating was pretty much it, of the physical and emotional kind.)

I'm not sure if we have any new ones.

I know that we have talked a LOT about divorce due to our infertility. I keep telling him he can leave, he keeps telling me he wants to stay. (He's nuts I tell you!)

I guess marriage (and yes I hear the same thing - it's what brings us here today) is a beast all on it's own and is set to evolve and change like all things. It's just that as the two people in the marriage you have to keep communicating to keep it working and going in the same direction; together.


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