Wednesday, 18 May 2011

General ramblings relating to ASD

Sorry, another ASD post.  Feel free to wander off now before I get into it. 

Here’s some nice music to help you make up your mind…

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All good now? Let’s go.

Why is it that because Boy Child is smart that he doesn’t need or isn’t entitled to help?  Why was it when I mentioned to someone that Boy Child did NAPLAN in a room with only a few other children it was basically met with ”Why? He is smart.”

The fact that he is smart doesn’t mean that he doesn't have any issues.  Being smart doesn’t rule out social and organisational deficits.  He has a diagnosis, he has met the criteria.  Having an ASD diagnosis and being smart aren't always mutually exclusive.

And the bus ticket debacle has caused an issue in our house.  Boy Child was always dead set against the bus to get to school but until recently has been remarkably adept at catching it.   Apart from a few minor hiccups he has coped really well. Until the bus ticket was taken from him. The stress of having to pay cash every day, twice a day has caused Boy Child to again raise how much he hates the bus.  Again and again and again.

Now it’s taken until this morning to actually get the new ticket (this was the third ticket since Boy’s was taken off him last Monday – it’s been a comedy of errors), and I dropped it off to him at school during recess so he could get home okay.  Because even though he is physically capable of paying with money his anxiety was rising every single bus ride.  And this means that it’s going to take a while for his stress levels to reduce and for him to go back to his normal.

Sometimes one event can trigger a response which seems out of proportion.  When walking home from school he had a run-in of some sort with a few teenaged girls.  This then lead to Boy Child’s complete inability to go into a shop by himself. He could only go into a shop with us or Girl Child but was unable to speak to anyone.  Slowly things have improved and he will now speak in stores but still only if someone is with him.  Apparently it’s due to the anxiety that he will do something that will embarrass him.

I wonder what this the bus incident is going to trigger and how long it will last?


Suzi said...

:( Anxiety sucks. I hope the bus travel goes smoothly from now on so boy child can get back into the swing of things ASAP.

Suzi said...
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Melissa said...

It's horrible, isn't it? The seemingly insignificant molehills that are mountains for our beautiful sons.

We're having a few of our own at the moment. People are rolling eyes and getting annoyed, thinking he just needs to 'harden up' and learn to cope. But he's a heartbroken, anxious little boy right now.

I hope yours is ok and it settles for him a bit.


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