Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A mini break

I may have mentioned that in the space of 33 days during August and September we celebrate all our birthdays and a wedding anniversary. This year things were a bit more exciting as we had a mini break to the Gold Coast in the middle. This was partly because we haven't had a family holiday this year and the dates tied in with a conference Mr E. was attending which started on me turning a  significant age.

After last year when I didn't get cake until a few days after my birthday, this year we had a plan. My sister lives near the Gold Coast and she discovered a place that made a gluten free brownie cake so ordered one for us. With that  important thing sorted, we then had to decide what else to do.

While we were in New Zealand last year Girl, Boy and I went Zorbing. Given rolling down a hill in an inflatable ball was much less scary than I had thought, what adventure could we dream up to celebrate a milestone birthday?

Hot air ballooning seemed like a good thing to do. Unfortunately, at almost $300 per person and a 5 am start, it was just going to be Mr E and I. Mr E organised the balloon ride and more importantly my sister to have our kids overnight. That is how Mr E. and I managed have our first night alone in 6 years.

Mr E's photo of the balloon while it was inflating.

The balloon ride was nice, although every time the gas burners were turned on I jumped out of my skin. But when we were just floating along it was very peaceful. The scenery was lovely, too.

Mr E., me and 19 other people floating over the Gold Coast
After the balloon ride, Mr E and I had a champagne breakfast before we met up with the family at Movieworld.  That's where we spent the day. I started the day with the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster and that did it for me. I was suitably nauseated for the next few hours. Mr E spent lots of time getting photos while my nieces, our kids and my sister and her husband  went on ride after ride. Just before Movieworld closed, I summoned up the courage to go on the Looney Tunes roller coaster (yes, the kiddie coaster) with Girl Child. Go, me!

Photographic Proof - (we are in the 3rd car) and I didn't throw up!

When we celebrated my birthday the following evening having dinner with my sister and nieces while my poor brother in law had to work. Wethen had brownie cake with vanilla gelato. We sent some cake and gelato home so my Brother in Law wouldn't miss out.  It was delicious! 

So that was our mini break. We celebrated with Family, food and fun.  Yummy cake, too.


Madmother said...

WHAT? You were here???? I would have loved to meet you!

But Happy Birthday anyway. *sniff*

Being Me said...

Happy birthday! You are so much braver than me... I would have been standing in a puddle of my own wee on that hot air balloon. You cannot be 40, surely! You certainly don't look it :)

And yummmmm aren't GF brownies the best? x

Leanne said...

WoW!! That's fantastic E. A great way to spend the big 40. Welcome to the club!! Best year EVER.
I also had a hot air balloon ride for my 40th with a friend. All my uni pals had bought it for me as my birthday gift and one friend joined me on the trip. LOVED it. Mine wasn't exotic like the GC though ... just floating over Canberra ... but still so pretty.
Happy Birthday!!


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