Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Post It Note Tuesday 31 May 2011

I did these this morning and since then some of these issues have been resolved.  However, I thought as they were a snap shot of my brain at around 10 am this morning, I would post them.


PINT 31May11a


PINT 31May11c

PINT 31May11d

PINT 31May11e


PINT 31May11b


PINT 31May11i


PINT 31May11f

PINT 31May11g


PINT 31May11h


PINT 31May11j


The child who hurt mine is apparently being suspended.  Not just because of this issue but others as well.  My friend has now thanked my child for involving himself and getting hurt in the process.

I have bought and taken the migraine tablet and even had a nap. Girl Child insisted she would be okay but felt it necessary to talk to me about stuff.  She WILL be at school tomorrow!


If you want to play along,  join up with Kristin at the Only Parent Chronicles.


gnomeangel said...

Can I just say your children are amazing and are such a great reflection on how awesome you both are as parents.

My mind boggles that children beat other children (but I guess adults do it so why wouldn't children copy them?!?!?!) but to have your son take the abuse and not hurt the other child when he could of is inspirational. I think he is a little ripper. I hope our kids (imaginary ones) can show as much restraint!

As for you, you should be looking after yourself. ;) :)

Hope you have another productive day tomorrow!

Madmother said...

You are a legend, and an amusing funny one at that.

CinfulCinnamon said...

Stopping by from OPC. New follower too. Glad things have settled down. Now, you can do them all over again (since you've had more practice) LOL

Have a (better) day !

Down that Little Lane said...

Classic Collection... I like it!! xx

Leanne said...

You're funny!!!! Hey, I want to do post it note Tuesday again. Remind me again where I get the post it notes?
Hows the head?

Being Me said...

P-A away! There should be a public holiday for it so we can let it all out... heh. I am amazed by your children. I hope it all works out soon. For the best.

E. said...

@GnomeAngel - Thanks! Some days I'm very impressed by the kids. some days less so.It depends what's going on really. LOL. They are pretty good given who their parents are!

@MM - Thanks. I'm really not sure how I managed to keep you guys here with me but I am so glad I can. I am much funnier in my head than in real life. Maybe the interwebs help with that, too.

@Cinnamon and @Down that Little Lane: thank you both for dropping by!

@Leanne - come along and play. The post it note link is http://wigflip.com/superstickies/

@Being Me - There should be an annual, or biannual or even bimonthly Passive Aggressive Day. Then I can let it all out and Mr E. won't get stuck with it all!


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