Sunday, 29 May 2011

So while Blogger hates me…



Here are a few of the comments I would have made if I had the chance:

To Deep Fried Fruit on her 600th post:

Oh no, thanks for the reminder that we will need to passport photos done soon. 

I think the reason you don't smile in passport photos is because long haul trips can be uncomfortable, tiring and you basically just want to thump people rather than smile.  (or is that just me?).

Thanks for sharing 600 days with us!

Suzi from Under the Windmills: Dear Aldi Lady

I’m happy to get you bigger cans of tuna so you can improve your aim.  I hope that they at least replaced your eggs.

Alliecat over at In a Pea Green Boat: Dobbing a Social Conundrum

Ooh, dobbing is an emotive issue. I think your commenters said pretty much everything I wanted to say,

Farmer’s Wifey wrote about her grandmother's funeral

I just wanted to say thinking of you and your family.

Silver Threads of Happiness is lost in a cloud of weariness

I want to say, so I am.  So far I have no medical reason for it and it’s doing my head in. I am so very grateful that I have been able to sleep 12.5 hours Thursday night, 14 hours Friday night and 11 last night.  But it really sucks.

Well, that is only a very small section of the things I wanted to say to you all.  Maybe this very little list has given you some new blogs to look at, and topics to think about.  I would have done more but I’m tired and need to have lunch, do the groceries and then maybe get a nap.

Until later – when hopefully blogger will like me again!


Madmother said...

Hah - you too, eh? Luckily your blog always recognises me and I don't have to log in otherwise this would be...


Madmother said...

Oi - and where am I on your list? *sob*

Suzi said...

Let's see if this comment gets through... Blogger is doing my head in!

Leanne said...

Thanks E!!


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